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Using Email Campaigns with Squarespace Commerce

If you sell products on your site using our Commerce platform, you can use Email Campaigns to help enhance your online store experience, for both yourself and your customers.

With Email Campaigns, you can build a loyal customer base, keep customers informed about new products, and promote sales and discounts.

Before you begin

This guide covers how to get the most out of using Email Campaigns when you have an online store. Before getting started, we recommend doing the following, if you haven't already:

  • Set up your online store - To sell products on your site, sign up for a Business or Commerce subscription
  • Subscribe to Email Campaigns  - Or, if you don't want to subscribe yet, use your site's Email Campaigns trial to test out the feature by sending three campaigns for free

Build customer mailing lists

There are a variety of ways to collect customer email addresses through your online store.

  • At checkout - Add a newsletter option at checkout to give customers the chance to sign up when they purchase a product.
  • On your store page - Create a promotional pop-up and set it to display on your store page. If your site is on version 7.1, you can also add a block section above or below your store section, then add a newsletter block. This is a great way to gain subscribers who are interested in your store but aren't ready to make a purchase yet.
  • In your product details - Add a newsletter block to a product's additional info. You can link it to your main mailing list, or build multiple mailing lists based on customer interest in different types of products. For example, you could have one mailing list for clothing products, and a different mailing list for home decor products.

Promote your store in campaigns

With Email Campaigns, you can build beautiful email campaigns that match your site's aesthetic.

Product sections

Campaigns are built from different content sections, like text, image, and button sections. Use a product section to display up to seven products directly from your store page, giving your subscribers an opportunity to browse your selections before visiting your site.

Select from a variety of layouts and choose what product information displays. Subscribers click a Shop button to go directly to the product in your store.



Create a discount code and distribute it in a campaign. This ensures only subscribers receive the code, and is a great way to encourage and reward subscriptions.

Set up automations to keep customers engaged

If you're on an eligible plan, you can send automated campaigns. These are campaigns that send after specific actions, like subscribing to a mailing list or purchasing a product.


Either are great options to engage with your customers. Send a campaign to new subscribers showcasing your latest product offerings, or send a discount to customers after a purchase to encourage return visits.

When to use different campaigns

If you're not sure what type of campaign is best for what situation, see the lists below.

Blast campaigns

Use blast campaigns to manually send a campaign to mailing lists of subscribers. Blast campaigns are ideal for:

  • General newsletters
  • Advertising events
  • Announcing a sale
  • Offering a discount to all your customers
  • Revealing updates to your website
  • Promoting new products added to your store
  • Sharing articles, videos, or other media that feature your business
  • Showcasing new work from your portfolio

Customer activity automations

Customer activity automations send after a customer makes a purchase from your store. These automations are great for:

  • Recommending related products
  • Rewarding customers with a coupon code
  • Sending a thank you note

Subscriber activity automations

Subscriber activity automations send after a visitor to your site signs up for your mailing list. These automations are great for:

  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Rewarding subscribers with a coupon code or special content
  • Checking in with subscribers after a set amount of time
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Using Email Campaigns with Squarespace Commerce