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Getting started with Video Studio

Squarespace Video Studio is a mobile iOS app for making professional quality videos that match the design and branding of your Squarespace site. With Video Studio, you can:

  • Follow guided project templates to create compelling video content on your own, without hiring a video production team
  • Use built-in tools to add audio narration, animated text, and licensed music to your video clips.
  • Build and maintain a library of videos with cohesive style and branding
At this time, Video Studio is only available on iOS devices.

Download and start using Squarespace Video Studio

You can download Squarespace Video Studio on any Apple device from the App Store. After you successfully downloaded the app:

  1. Create a Squarespace account, if you don’t have one already. Access to the Video Studio app is included with all Squarespace website trials or website subscription plans. Learn more in the section below.
  2. Open Video Studio, then tap the arrow icon in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Log into your Squarespace account. If you signed up for Squarespace with an email address and password, enter them and tap Log In. If you signed up using a social account, tap that account and follow the prompts.
  4. If you have more than one website associated with your Squarespace account, choose the website you'd like to create video content for.
  5. Video Studio then gathers brand and product information from the selected site and populates the brand setup screen with the site name and a color palette. Select a dark color, light color, and font to match your website design. These choices apply to any project you make using Autofill brand styles.

Now you’re ready to start creating your first video using Video Studio.

Video Studio and Squarespace

Squarespace Video Studio is a mobile app owned and maintained by Squarespace. You need a Squarespace website to use Video Studio, because the app uses content and design elements from your website for your videos. This ensures any content created using Video Studio matches your site’s brand and style.

If you’re on a Website Personal plan or your site is in trial, you’ll have access to four project templates in Video Studio. Upgrade to a Business or Commerce website plan to access all Video Studio templates.

Note: If your Squarespace website trial or subscription ends, you’ll lose access to any video content created in the Squarespace Video Studio app.
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Getting started with Video Studio