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Elements of a scheduler

Clients book appointments through your scheduler. This guide explains how to change how your scheduler looks and functions.

We've merged the Acuity Scheduling Help Center with the Squarespace Help Center. This guide applies to both versions of Scheduling.

Appointment type selection

Clients are shown the following key elements when they enter your scheduler.
Scheduling instructions above appointment types grouped by category. Each lists name, duration, price, and description.

Scheduling instructions

Use scheduling instructions to tell clients anything they need to know about booking with you. Consider including general business information such as your hours, an image of your space, a link to driving directions, or anything else you want clients to know before they start booking.

To add scheduling instructions:

  1. In Scheduling, click Customize Appearance.
  2. Add your text to the Scheduling instructions box, then save your changes.


Which scheduler template you use determines where your colors appear and which colors you can customize. To make changes:

  1. In Scheduling, click Customize Appearance.
  2. Scroll down to the color drop-down menu or menus, select your new colors, and click Save Changes.

Appointment type category

Appointment type categories are groupings of appointment types. They’ll appear together on your scheduler. You can also embed a scheduler that shows just one appointment category, or send clients links that take them directly to scheduling pages for specific categories.

To create a new category:

  1. In Scheduling, click Appointment Types.
  2. Click Edit for one of the appointment types that will be in the new category.
  3. Click Create a new category and enter the category name.
  4. Click Save, then click Update Appointment Type.

To edit which appointment types are in which categories:

  1. In Scheduling, click Appointment Types.
  2. Drag and drop appointment types into your categories.

Appointment type, duration, and price

To change appointment type names, durations, and prices:

  1. In Scheduling, click Appointment Types.
  2. Click Edit for the appointment type you want to update.
  3. Make your changes and click Update Appointment Type.

To hide appointment prices or durations:

  1. In Scheduling, click Customize Appearance.
  2. Click Scheduling Page Options.
  3. Check the box for Hide duration or Hide prices, then click Save Changes.

Appointment type description

To add or edit an appointment type description:

  1. In Scheduling, click Edit for an appointment type.
  2. Click Add a longer description….
  3. Add your text and click Update appointment type.

Calendar selection

If you have more than one calendar and let clients choose among them, clients encounter the following elements after they’ve chosen an appointment type, as they choose a calendar.

Any available option above list of calendars, each with name, description, and image.

Calendar pooling

If you have more than one calendar, use calendar pooling to control if clients can choose a specific calendar and, if they can, if they also have the option to click Any available to access all possible appointment times. Visit Pooling calendar availability in Squarespace Scheduling to learn more.

Calendar location

You can set a location for each calendar you create. This becomes the location for all appointments on the calendar, unless you enable an overriding setting. If you have more than one calendar, Scheduling groups them by address when showing them to clients.

To set a calendar location: 

  1. In Scheduling, click Availability.
  2. Click Calendar Settings
  3. Enter the location (which can, but doesn’t have to be, an address) in the Location field, then click Save.

Calendar name

To rename your calendars:

  1. In Scheduling, click Availability.
  2. Click Calendar Settings
  3. Enter a new name in the Calendar Name field, then click Save

Calendar description

To add an optional calendar description:

  1. In Scheduling, click Availability.
  2. Click Calendar Settings
  3. Add a description in the Description field, then click Save

Calendar image

You can add an optional calendar image, which will display next to the calendar description. To add an image:

  1. In Scheduling, click Availability.
  2. Click Calendar Settings, then click Add image.
  3. Follow the prompts to add your image, then click Save

Calendar order

If you have more than one calendar, Scheduling will list them in alphabetical order, unless they have different addresses, in which case Scheduling will separate them by address, then list all calendars at each address in alphabetical order.

To learn more, visit Rearranging lists in Scheduling.

Appointment time selection

Clients encounter the following elements as they choose a date and time.

Available times listed. User clicked a time and now sees options: Continue, Add a time, Recurring.

Start times

Control the interval between suggested appointment start times with your start time interval scheduling limit, or set your availability to offer only specific start times. Scheduling will show all available times on each day, unless you’ve enabled the look busy or minimize gaps settings to hide some times from clients.

Recurring appointments

Recurring appointments are enabled by default. When it’s on, clients can click Add a Time… to schedule more than one appointment of the same type at a time, or click Recurring… to schedule several repeating appointments.

Turn this feature on and off by clicking Customize Appearance, then clicking Scheduling Page Options. Use the Disable Recurring Appointments checkbox to control the setting, and click Save Changes

Other options

Time and day details

You can choose: 

  • If your week starts on Sunday or Monday
  • If your times are listed in a 24-hour format or as AM and PM
  • Your time zone
  • If clients select a time zone when booking (useful for virtual appointments with distant clients)
  • If your scheduler uses the daily or monthly template.

To control these options, click Customize Appearance.

Logo and business name

If you add a logo and business name, they'll display when clients visit your scheduler on its standalone, automatically-generated scheduling page.

These elements won't display when clients use your scheduler embedded in a website.

To add a business name or logo, click Customize Appearance. The business logo can be in .jpeg, .gif or .png format. The maximum image is 600px x 120px. If you upload a larger logo, it’s resized to fit.

Customizing your scheduling page URLs

You can customize your scheduling page links to make them easier for clients to remember. To learn more, visit Customizing your Scheduling Links.

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