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Using the Scheduling Page Options panel

Use the Scheduling Page Options panel to turn scheduling features on and off. This guide explains what the various features do.

How to reach the panel

To open the Scheduling Page Options Panel, in Scheduling, click Customize Appearance, then click Scheduling Page Options.


Note: Many of these settings are only visible when they're relevant. For example, if none of your appointment types have prices, you won't have the option to hide prices.



Show "Schedule another appointment" button 

Adds a button to the confirmation page inviting clients to schedule another appointment.

Disable recurring appointments

Removes the option for clients to add additional times during the booking process. Visit Offering recurring appointments in Scheduling to learn more about recurring appointments.

Require phone number 

Makes phone number a required field for clients booking appointments.

Disable client registration

Removes the buttons clients use to register for and log into client accounts.

Hide duration

Hides appointment durations on your scheduler.

Hide prices

Hides all prices on the appointment type list on your scheduler. Clients will still be charged at checkout, depending on your payment settings.

Collapse categories

Shows a list of categories instead of listing all appointment types separated by categories. When clients click a category, it expands to show the appointment types in that category.

Services: Allow clients to book multiple spots 

Lets clients choose the number of spots they'd like when booking appointments. This is only possible on calendars that accept more than one appointment at a time.

Classes: Allow clients to book multiple spots 

Lets clients choose the number of spots they'd like when booking a class.

Classes: Hide spots remaining in a class 

Hides the number of spots remaining in a class. Clients still see the dates and times of available classes. 

Calendars: Pool availability and automatically pick an available calendar 

Removes the option for clients to pick individual calendars through calendar pooling. Each appointment is assigned to the calendar that is open at the client’s desired time and has the fewest other appointments that day, unless Calendars: Prioritize calendars with “Any available” instead of round robin (see below) is enabled.

Calendars: Hide "any available" option from calendar list

Forces clients to choose a specific calendar during booking by removing Any available from the calendar list in your scheduler. Completely removes calendar pooling.

Calendars: Prioritize calendars with "Any available" instead of round robin 

When Scheduling distributes calendar pooling appointments, it prioritizes your calendars based on their order in your Availability panel. 

Show QR code on confirmation page

Adds a QR code to the confirmation clients see at the end of booking. Clients can use this code to add your business to the Scheduling client app.

Save your changes

After you’ve changed these settings, click Save changes to make your updates live. You can use the preview panel on the right side of the screen to review your updated scheduler. 

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Using the Scheduling Page Options panel