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Membership fees

A membership fee is the price members pay to gain access to a member area on your site. When you create a new member area, you’ll set a membership fee by selecting a fee structure and—if applicable—a fee amount and the frequency at which you intend to charge members.

This guide outlines the different membership fee options you can set for your member areas.

Before you begin

  • To collect membership fees from your members, you'll need to connect a payment processor to your site. Visit our other guides to learn more about Payments and the Commerce features that come with your Member Areas subscription.
  • The fee structure you choose affects the experience users have when signing up for a membership. Learn more in our How members access their customer account guide.

Select a membership fee structure

In the Member Areas creation screen, you’ll first name your member area, then select the membership fee structure. Choose from the following options:

  • Set amount - Visitors pay the membership fee all at once or in installments, and get unrestricted access to the member area.
  • Recurring - Visitors pay a membership fee on a recurring basis (weekly, monthly, or yearly) to subscribe to the member area. Members only maintain access to this member area as long as they continue to pay the recurring membership fee.
  • Free - Visitors can access a member area’s gated content free of charge after establishing a customer account.

If you select a set amount or recurring membership fee structure, you can offer up to two fee options to your members.

Membership fee installments

When you create a member area with a set amount membership fee, you'll choose if new members pay the entire fee at once, or in multiple weekly or monthly installments. For example, a set amount membership fee of $40 could be one of the following:

  • One payment of $40
  • Four payments of $10 for four weeks
  • Two payments of $20 for two months
Tip: To give your customers the option to pay in either one payment or in installments, add a second membership fee option.

If you want new members to pay the entire membership fee at once, leave the Payments field set to 1 Payment and enter your fee amount.

To set up the fee as a series of installments:

  1. Click the first field under Payments, then select the number of payment installments from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter a fee amount.
  3. The third drop-down menu automatically populates with For X months, with X being the number of payments you chose in step one. To change the installments to a weekly frequency, click the drop-down menu and select For X weeks.

A new member immediately gains unrestricted access to your member area upon paying the first fee installment. They'll need to continue making payments on schedule to maintain access, but after they've made their final payment installment, they'll have membership indefinitely.

Add a second membership fee option

If you create a member area with a set amount or recurring membership fee structure, you can give members the choice between two fee options. To do so, create your first fee option, then click Add another option and use the fields that appear to set the second membership fee option.

Keep in mind:

  • Both fee options must have the same fee structure, meaning you can offer two set amount or two recurring membership fee options for the same member area.
  • If the first fee option for a set amount member area has 1 Payment, the second option must be a series of installments.

How new members choose a membership fee option

In the member sign up block for a member area with two membership fees, the options appear above the member area’s title. Prospective members click their preferred fee option before clicking the join button.

For set amount membership fees, site visitors distinguish between the two options based on the number of payments required. For recurring membership fees, visitors distinguish between the two options based on the fee frequency (weekly, monthly, or yearly).


Change a member area's membership fee

To change the membership fee for one of your member areas:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Under Member Areas, hover over the appropriate member area and click the gear icon to open Member area settings.
  3. In the Fee tab, change the fee amount and frequency.
  4. Click Save to confirm and close Member area settings.

Changes you make to a member area's membership fee only impact new members who purchase their memberships after the change goes into effect. Existing members who paid a set amount membership fee still have access to your gated content, and members with ongoing membership fee payments (recurring or installments) continue to pay the fee amount and frequency they agreed to when signing up.

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