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Troubleshooting availability in Scheduling

Depending on your account settings, your scheduler may show no available times, even though you're not booked solid. This guide covers troubleshooting steps for ensuring your availability is accurate and up-to-date.

Check your settings

If you're not seeing availability on a specific date, check the following Squarespace Scheduling settings:

  • Scheduling limits - With scheduling limits, you can limit how close (or how far) in advance appointments can be scheduled. Check that the date you're trying to book isn't too far in future, or too close to the current day, to book.
  • Blocked time - Check your Appointments Calendar and click the day in question to see if something is blocking your availability. Look for blocked time you've added manually, or events syncing over from your third-party calendar.
  • Is your availability long enough to accommodate the appointment? Any open time slots need to be long enough to fit the appointment duration and any assigned padding time. So if you have a 35-minute appointment, or a 30-minute appointment with five minutes of padding, they won't fit into a 30-minute time slot. 
  • Appointments per Time Slot - If you've set this setting to 0, all client scheduling is prevented. By changing the number to 1, you can allow scheduling for one client at a time.
  • Look Busy/Minimize Gaps - These settings reduce the number of available appointment times that appear on your Client Scheduling Page. 
  • Class times - If you offer classes, you'll need to offer class times on your calendar.
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Troubleshooting availability in Scheduling