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Creating an email campaign from a blog post

After publishing a blog post, you can automatically reformat the post content into a draft of an email campaign.

This is a great option for reaching followers who prefer to read your latest content in their email instead of on your site.

What content converts

When you create an email campaign from a blog post, our system creates up to 37 sections from the post by turning supported block types into sections. Posts with more than 37 supported blocks will be clipped.

These are the supported block types:

  • Button blocks
  • Gallery blocks
  • Image blocks
  • Line blocks
  • Text blocks

A gallery block is turned into an images section that displays the first image and includes a link to the full gallery. No other blocks are supported at this time.

Create a campaign from a blog post

To create a campaign from a blog post:

  1. Publish the post.
  2. Ensure the blog page isn't disabled or password protected.
  3. Open the post editor and click the Share tab.
  4. Click Create Email Draft, then click Go To Campaigns.
  5. In the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Drafts.
  6. On the draft preview, click ..., then click Edit.
  7. Review the draft to make any edits or add new sections.
  8. When you're ready, send or schedule the campaign.

You can also click Create Email on the pop-up message that appears when publishing a new post to start this process immediately.

This doesn’t sync your blog with your campaign, but creates a copy of the most recently published version. If you update the post before sending the campaign, create a new campaign from the blog post, or update the campaign manually.

Link to your site from the campaign

All posts turned into campaigns include a link to the original post at the end. To link the campaign to your site or post, you can also:

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Creating an email campaign from a blog post