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Using the new product composer

We recently updated the product composer, which we’re releasing in waves to all Squarespace sites. This guide covers the new composer. If you see something different on your site, this experience may not be available for you yet, and you should visit Adding products to your store instead. If you’re not sure what version of the composer your site has, click these tabs:

The new product composer looks like this:


The classic editor looks like this:


If you see this, visit Adding products to your store.

Add product details

To add or change product details:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click a Store Page.
  2. Double click the product you want to edit, or add a new product.
  3. Add details following the steps in this guide.
  4. When you're finished, click Done, then click Save.

Name, description, and images

Use the Name, Image, and Description fields to add information for your product.

To add images for the product, click the Upload images arrow in the image field, or drag and drop images from a folder on your computer. Multiple images display as thumbnails on the product item view. You can also add variant images in the Pricing & Variants fields. To learn more, visit Product images.

Pricing and inventory

Enter the price in the Price field. If the product is on sale, switch the toggle on beside On sale and set the sale price.

To enter the inventory count, switch the toggle on beside Track inventory. You can also edit the product’s SKU.


To add product variations, click Add beneath Variations. For physical and service products, you can define multiple variations for a product. Options are the variation category, like size. Variants are the different products available within the category, like small, medium and large.

  1. Click the Options drop-down menu to add the option. You can choose from presets like size, color, and material, or click Custom to add your own. You can add up to six options.
  2. In the Variants field, enter the different variants you offer, pressing Enter after each addition. For example, if you offer a shirt in blue and green. Type blue, press Enter, then type green and press Enter. A preview of the variant drop-down menu customers use on the product details page will display to the right.
  3. If your product has more than one one type of variant, click Add option to add another option.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes.

Back in the product composer, add more variant details like variant images, pricing, and stock levels. Click a variant to edit it, or click Edit all. To set the weight and dimensions of variants, go to the product editor, scroll down, then click Advanced shipping.


Click the Visibility drop-down menu to set the product’s visibility. To schedule a product to publish at a specific date and time, click Scheduled, then set the date and time.

The scheduled date and time are based on your time zone set in Language and Region Settings, not a visitor’s local time. To ensure your products publish when you want them to, ensure your Language and Region Settings are correct.

Use the Categories and Tags fields or organize your products on the Store Page. Categories create automatic navigation on your Products Pages. The style of this navigation varies. To learn more, visit Organizing products.

SEO, URL, and Social Share

Under SEO and URL, edit the product’s URL, and its SEO title and description. This is what displays in internet search results. The Product URL provides a direct link to the product. The Product URL will match the product name if no custom URL is specified. The Product URL must be between 3 and 200 characters.

Click Social Share, then click Edit to change the content and image that displays when visitors share your products on social media.

Customize the product

You can sell products as subscriptions, add weight and dimensions for advanced shipping options, add a custom form, and more.


To make the product a subscription, which renews regularly at a chosen interval, click Subscription. Set the renewal frequency, then click Save. To learn more, visit Subscription products.

Custom forms

Add a custom checkout form to collect more information from customers. This is a good option if you want customers to write a gift message, leave delivery instructions, or complete a referral survey. To add a custom form, click Custom form, then click Create new form. To learn more, visit Creating a custom checkout form.

Advanced shipping

Add the product weight and dimensions to use Carrier Calculated Shipping, which is an advanced shipping option that determines the shipping cost based on the product’s size. Click Advanced shipping, set the dimensions, then click Apply.

Related products

Enable related products to display similar products based on category on the Product Details page. Click Related products, then select the category from the drop-down menu.

Custom button

To customize the Add to cart button text, click Custom button. Toggle on the switch beside Enable custom button, enter the button text, then click Apply. The button’s design follows your site’s button style tweaks.

Social accounts

You can connect a social account to your site to publish your store’s content on social media. Click Social accounts to go to the Connected Accounts panel. To learn more, visit Connecting social accounts.

Additional info

Click Additional info to add more details to the product's page using blocks. To learn more, visit Adding additional information to products.

More options

Duplicate the product

You can duplicate a physical or service product to quickly create and customize a new, similar product. Click Duplicate at the bottom of the Edit Product window to create a copy. To learn more, visit Duplicating products.

Enable limited availability labels

Let customers know when your products are low in stock by enabling limited availability labels. When a product dips below an inventory threshold, you can display a label next to the product on the Product Page, Product Blocks, Summary Blocks, and product details page.

Enable the option to buy multiple service products

By default, customers can only buy one service product at a time. If you sell tickets to classes or workshops, check Show service product quantity in your checkout settings so customers can buy multiple service products at once.

Switch to the classic editor

To switch to the classic product editor, click Classic editor in the top right corner. After you switch, visit Adding products to your store, which covers the classic editor. All sites will be required to switch to the new product composer eventually.

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Using the new product composer