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Sending internal appointment notifications and agendas with Scheduling

In Scheduling, site owners can receive automatic email and text notifications for appointments. You can also receive daily or weekly agendas for all appointments on your Appointment Calendar. To keep your staff informed about upcoming appointments, you can also send appointment notifications to any email address or phone number.

In this guide, you'll learn about the internal notifications you can automatically send in Scheduling and how to set them up.

Text message notifications are available in the Growing and Powerhouse plans.

Send notifications to the site owner

As a site owner, you can receive notifications for each appointment and summaries of upcoming appointments. The notifications are sent to the site' owner's email address on file.

Appointment notifications

As the site owner, you'll receive notifications each time an appointment is scheduled, canceled, or rescheduled. You'll also receive emails about packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions. These notifications are enabled by default.

To opt in or out of these notifications:

  1. In Scheduling, click Email Settings.
  2. Under My Notifications, click Appointment Emails.
  3. Check the Send or Don't Send option. 
  4. Click Save.
Tip: Enable email notifications for the site owner or add the site owner's email address to calendars. If you do both, site owners will receive two emails every time a client books.

Daily or weekly appointment agendas

As the site owner, you can receive daily or weekly summaries for all upcoming appointments on your Appointment Calendar. These emails can give you a helpful view of what's on your agenda for the day or week. A weekly email is enabled by default. You can change your preferences to daily or opt out.

To opt in or out of appointment agendas:

  1. In Scheduling, click Email Settings.
  2. Click Agenda Summary.
  3. Check the Weekly, Daily, or Don't send option.
  4. Click Save.

Calendar appointment notifications

You can send automatic appointment notifications to any email address and phone number. 

To control who receives notifications for appointments on each calendar:

  1. In Scheduling, click Availability.
  2. Above the calendar you want to send notifications about, click Calendar Settings.
  3. In the Email and Phone Notifications Will Be Sent To fields, enter an email address and/or phone number. Separate multiple addresses and phone numbers with commas.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Verify your phone number

If you set up text message reminders for your clients, or text message notifications for yourself and your staff, you’ll be prompted to verify your phone number.

When the verification pop-up appears:

  1. Use the drop-down menu to choose your country, enter your phone number, and click Send verification code.
  2. Enter the code you receive via text message in the boxes that appear, then click Submit.
  3. Enter your name and address in the fields provided, then click Save.

Troubleshooting notifications that all come from one client

If all notifications about Scheduling appointments are showing up under the name of one particular client, you may have saved our email address under the client's name in your contacts.

Search your contacts for, and ensure that email address is only associated with "Squarespace Scheduling."

Add Scheduling to your safe sender list

If you expected a Scheduling email notification, but didn’t receive it, start by checking your spam or junk mail folder for the missing email. If Scheduling emails are getting caught in a spam filter, add and to your safe senders list.

If a spam filter isn’t catching the missing Scheduling notifications, ask the ISP or hosting provider that’s receiving the emails to add Scheduling’s email addresses and IP addresses to a trusted sender list. The hosting provider can add the email addresses above or our mailserver IP addresses:

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Sending internal appointment notifications and agendas with Scheduling