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Collection page sections

Each collection page on your site includes a unique collection page section, where you manage the collection items. For example, when you add a blog page, it includes a blog section, which is where you manage your blog posts.

Use this guide to learn how to manage and style different collection page sections.

Tip: This guide is for version 7.1. You can add collection pages in version 7.0, but they won't be made up of different sections.

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Add a collection section

To add a collection section, you have to add its corresponding collection page. There are four collection page types: 

  • Blog pages
  • Store pages
  • Portfolio pages
  • Events pages

To add a collection page:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages, then click +.
  2. In the page menu, click Blog, Store, Portfolio, or Events.
  3. Choose a layout.
  4. Enter a page title in the text field and press Enter.

When you add a collection page, it automatically includes its respective section. It’s not possible to delete this section or add other collection sections to this page.

To learn more about collection pages in general, visit Collection pages.

Blog sections

Blog pages include a blog section, where you’ll manage all your blog posts. To add posts, click + in the blog page panel. For detailed steps, visit Blogging with Squarespace.

Store sections

Store pages include a store section, where you’ll manage all your products. To add products, click + in the store panel. For in-depth steps, visit Adding products to your store.

Category navigation

When you add categories to your products, category navigation automatically displays at the top of the store section, or in a sidebar. It’s not possible to hide this. Add subcategories to further organize products. To learn more, visit Organizing products.

On mobile devices, when the category navigation can’t fit on one line, it displays as a horizontal scrolling list visitors can swipe through.

Style store sections

To style the store section:

  1. On your store page, click Edit.
  2. Hover over the store section and click the pencil icon next to Manage Items.
  3. After making changes, hover over Done and click Save.

In the store section styles, you can change spacing, colors, and image aspect ratio. You can also set whether the price displays on the store page. These style settings apply to all store pages on your site. To learn more, visit Styling store pages.

Style products

To style the product details pages:

  1. Open the product details page you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit, then click the pencil icon.
  3. After making changes, click Save.

You can change the layout, spacing, alignment and other elements of the product details.

  • These style settings apply to all product details pages on your site.
  • On mobile, product detail images always appear in a slideshow. 

To learn more, visit Styling store pages.

Events sections

Events pages include an events section, where you’ll manage all your events. To add events, click + in the events page panel. For in-depth steps, visit Events pages

Portfolio sections

Portfolio pages include a portfolio section that creates a unique layout out of sub-pages. Portfolio sub-pages are made up of block and gallery sections like any layout page. To learn more, visit Portfolio pages.

Add and edit additional sections

To add more content to the page, you can add block and gallery sections above or below the collection page sections. Depending on the layout you chose, your collection page may already include additional sections.

To add block or gallery sections:

  1. Click Edit on the collection page.
  2. Click Add Section above or below the collection page section.
  3. Choose a section type, then choose a layout.
  4. After editing the new section’s content, hover over Done and click Save.

Manage collection sections

If you’re editing content or section styles on a collection page, you can hover over the collection section and click the Manage... button to open the side panel and add or edit collection items. The button's full text depends on the collection type. For example, blog sections have a Manage posts button.

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