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Cancelling your Scheduling subscription

You can cancel your Scheduling subscription at any time. This guide reviews the two ways to end your subscription:

  • Option 1 - Cancel your subscription to deactivate Scheduling immediately.
  • Option 2 - Disable auto-renew to let your Scheduling subscription expire at the end of the billing cycle.

At this time, it's only possible to manage your Scheduling subscription from a computer. 

Site owners and contributors with Admin or Billing permissions can make these changes.
Tip: If you're on a Scheduling trial, the trial expires automatically after 14 days, and you won't be charged unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. It's not possible to cancel a Scheduling trial before then. 


We don’t offer refunds for Scheduling charges regardless of the plan or billing cycle. To learn more about refunds, visit Refund policies.

Option 1 - Cancel your subscription

This option cancels your subscription immediately. You won't receive a refund for the remaining time on your billing cycle, and your clients won't be able to book appointments unless you reactivate on a new subscription.

To cancel your Scheduling subscription:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Scheduling.
  3. Click Cancel Subscription.
  4. In the next panel, click Cancel Scheduling Subscription.
  5. Click Confirm.

Option 2 - Turn off auto-renew

This option sets your Scheduling subscription to expire at the end of its current billing cycle. This means your clients can book appointments for the remainder of the cycle.

To turn off auto-renew:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Scheduling.
  3. Uncheck Auto-renew.
  4. Click Confirm.

After cancelling

After your Scheduling subscription is cancelled or expires, clients won't be able to book appointments. You can view past appointments and export client data, but you can't make changes in Scheduling or book appointments for clients.  

If you shared your schedule in an Appointment Scheduling Block, delete the block after cancelling. It isn't removed automatically when you cancel.

Reactivate your subscription

To reactivate your Scheduling subscription: 

  1. In the Home Menu, click Scheduling. 
  2. Follow the prompts to upgrade to a paid subscription.  
  3. Follow the steps to choose your plan.
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Cancelling your Scheduling subscription