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Squarespace version 7.1 vs. version 7.0

In early 2020, we released Squarespace version 7.1. If you used Squarespace at any point before that, you may be more familiar with Squarespace version 7.0.

Many features are identical in both versions, such as commerce, analytics, SEO, and some page types. However, version 7.1 introduces new, streamlined options for adding content and styling your site. This guide covers the major changes and helps you get a sense of what you can do with version 7.1.

Tip: To see which platform your site uses, log into your site and click Help in the left panel. For more help, visit What's my site's version and template?

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If you're an experienced Squarespace user, this is likely one of the biggest improvements you'll notice in the new version. In version 7.0, every template had unique style rules and options, which meant you might need to switch templates to achieve a different look or feature. 

In version 7.1, all sites have the same options, regardless of which template you choose when creating your site. That means you don't need to change templates to use different types of pages, and you have access to every design feature without having to start over with a new template.

To change the look of your template in 7.1:

  • Change the colors, fonts, and other global styles for your site in the Design panel.
  • Add new pages with different pre-built page layouts.
  • Create new sections to change a page’s layout. For example, to create a page banner, add a section with a background image at the top of a page.
  • Use section styles to override global styles and give individual sections distinct looks.

Site styles panel

While many of the style tweaks available in version 7.0 are in version 7.1, they’re organized in new ways so you can make broader changes to your site without having to change every individual tweak separately. For example, if you want to make a dramatic change to your site's fonts, you can change your global styles rather than updating every font option.

In 7.1, use the site styles panel to set global styles across your site, such as:

  • Fine-tuned color options - Use professionally curated options to make changes to your site colors all at once. You can also customize colors individually with advanced options.
  • Curated font packs - Use font packs to make changes to your site fonts all at once, or select from a wide array of built-in fonts with advanced options.
  • Other site elements - In version 7.1, the Site styles panel highlights global style options for buttons, spacing, blog posts, products, and image blocks.
  • Design options from 7.0 - You’ll also find options to customize your browser icon, lock screen, checkout page, 404 page, social sharing logo, and custom CSS in version 7.1’s Design panel.

To learn more, visit Making style changes.

Pages and content

Adding and editing pages in version 7.1 should feel familiar to experienced 7.0 users. For example, adding and moving blocks works the same way.

But in version 7.1, you have more control over how you add and arange content on your pages. One of the key differences is that 7.1 supports page sections. Page sections have many advantages, including:

  • Flexible content areas - In version 7.1, you can add sections to every page. For example, you can add extra content to the landing pages of stores, blog pages, and other collections, which wasn't possible in most version 7.0 templates.
  • Stackable and stylable - Add multiple sections to create long scrolling pages with multiple distinct content areas (like stacked index pages in version 7.0). Edit section-specific style settings to make certain sections or pages stand out from the rest of your site.
  • Custom layouts - Create custom layouts with blocks, or use our auto-layouts to add sets of content and arrange them automatically into lists or galleries.
  • Banner images on any page - In version 7.1, you can add a banner image to any page by adding a section at the top with a background image. In version 7.0, banners were only available in specific templates.

Portfolio pages

Version 7.1 introduces a new page type: portfolio pages. Portfolio pages create stylized landing pages with links to sub-pages. This is a great way to organize and showcase galleries, projects, portfolio highlights, and other content in one place. The effect is similar to grid index pages in version 7.0.

To learn more, visit portfolio pages.

Where to find features in 7.1

Use the table below for an overview of how features available on version 7.0 have changed in version 7.1, and which features are the same in both versions.

Version 7.0 feature Version 7.1 differences
Analytics Same as version 7.0.
Album pages Not in version 7.1. Use audio blocks on pages instead.
Blocks Same as version 7.0, except version 7.1 doesn’t support gallery blocks in sections. Use gallery sections instead.
Blog pages, events pages, layout pages, store pages Same as version 7.0. In version 7.1, you can add sections to any page. Version 7.1 also introduces portfolio pages.
Commerce Functionality is the same as version 7.0. Store page special features are similar to the advanced options in version 7.0.
Cover pages Not in version 7.1. Achieve an effect similar to cover pages by adding pages with only one section.
Developer Platform Currently unsupported.
Gallery pages Not in version 7.1. Use gallery sections instead.
Importing and exporting content Same as version 7.0, except version 7.1 doesn't support importing from Squarespace 5.
Index pages Not in version 7.1. Achieve a look similar to stacked index pages with page sections. Achieve a look similar to grid index pages with portfolio pages.
Marketing features Same as version 7.0.
Mobile style settings Version 7.1 sites adapt to mobile devices and smaller browser windows automatically, without separate mobile style options.
SEO features Same as version 7.0.
Settings panel Same as version 7.0.
Templates and template switching

Unsupported. Version 7.1 sites share all the same features and options, so you aren't limited by your template choice.

What if a feature isn't in version 7.1?

We're constantly adding and improving features. If a feature from version 7.0 doesn't have a comparable alternative in version 7.1, it may become available in the future.

Find information in the Help Center

We're always developing our Help Center to support customers no matter what version of Squarespace their site is on. Many parts of the platform are exactly the same in 7.1 and 7.0, such as analytics, billing, commerce, domains, Email Campaigns, Google Workspace, and SEO features. For these topics, our guides apply to both versions. For version-specific information:

  • If a feature is exclusive to one version, you'll see a note about this at the top of the guide, including alternatives when possible.
  • In guides for features that have minor differences in each platform, you'll find tabs with steps and information for either platform.

Version tabs look like this:

This is where you'll find version 7.1 content. Click Version 7.0 for information relevant to version 7.0.

This is where you'll find version 7.0 content. Click Version 7.1 for information relevant to version 7.1.

Can I switch a site on version 7.0 to version 7.1?

It's not possible to switch sites between versions directly, but for tips on how to rebuild a version 7.0 site on version 7.1, visit Moving from Squarespace version 7.0 to version 7.1.

Can I still use older designs?

If you'd like to start a site with the look of our old designs, here are some version 7.1 options that are similar to specific version 7.0 designs:

Version 7.0 template Version 7.1 template
Avenue Nevins
Bedford Bailard
Brine Hester
Pacific Atlantic

If you'd prefer to build a version 7.0 site with one of our old designs, visit the version 7.0 template store and start a new trial.

Learn more in a webinar

To learn more, you can register for an expert-led webinar on Getting Started with Squarespace version 7.1. To sign up, visit our Webinars page.

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