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About Squarespace version 7.1

Squarespace version 7.1 has new, more streamlined options for styling your site and adding content. Version 7.1 is in Early Access.

Tip: To see which platform your site uses, log into your site and click Help in the left panel. For more help, visit What's my site's template and version?

What's new?

Squarespace 7.1 is a new take on our design system. Version 7.0 and version 7.1 have many features in common. For example, how you view Analytics, change SEO settings, and handle Commerce transactions are all exactly the same in both platforms. But version 7.1 has new options that focus on flexibility and ease-of-use when you’re building and styling your pages.

Here are some key features unique to version 7.1:

  • Page sections - Add pre-built sections to any page to create layouts with text, images, galleries, and more.
  • Header and footer layouts - Choose from a variety of customizable layouts for your header and footer.
  • Style themes - Use font and color themes to make large-scale style changes to your site, with the flexibility to give individual sections unique styles.
  • Banner images - Add banners to any page by creating sections with background images or videos.
  • Flexible Portfolios - Create stylized landing pages that encourage visitors to explore your content. Switch layouts at any time.

Version 7.1 doesn't support:

  • Template switching - All templates in version 7.1 behave the same way, so there's no need to switch templates to get different features and style options.
  • Mobile style options - Sites adapt to mobile view automatically, and don't have separate style options.
  • Importing and exporting - Importing and exporting content and products is only available in version 7.0.
  • Album and Gallery Pages - Instead, add Audio Blocks and gallery sections.
  • Developer Mode - The Developer Platform is only available in version 7.0.
  • Squarespace App - You can't currently edit 7.1 sites in the Squarespace App.

Version 7.1 is in Early Access

Version 7.1 is a brand new design system. For a limited time, a randomly selected group of new trials will be on version 7.1. This period is called Early Access.

If your site uses version 7.1, you can expect to see changes over the next few months. These changes won't affect your live site, but may affect how you edit and style your site content. For example, a panel name may change, or we may add new options.

How do I start with version 7.1?

To create a new trial (English only) on version 7.1, start from the version 7.1 template store.

Can I switch an existing site to version 7.1?

It's not possible to switch sites between versions.

Can I still use older designs?

If you started a 7.1 site but would prefer to use one of our old designs, visit the version 7.0 template store and start a new trial.

More help

For more help with version 7.1:

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