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Using the Custom Template

When you start a trial, there's an option to create a custom template by answering a series of questions. This interactive site builder creates a site with the pages and layouts you choose.

After you've created the site, you can add pages and customize the style, just as you would any other Squarespace site.

Tip: To learn how to customize any site, visit Making style changes or your template's template guide.
Version 7.1 doesn't support the custom template builder.

Create a custom template

If you haven't yet started a trial, you can create a custom template by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Custom under What’s the goal for your website?
  3. Click Start by answering a few questions.
  4. Answer the questions to choose your site's pages and layouts.
  5. Click Start Editing.

Template family

The Custom Template is part of the Brine template family. That means it supports all the same features and style options as the Brine template, including page banners, intro areas, mobile styles, and scrolling Index Pages.

For more help with these features and style options, visit the Brine template guide.

Switching templates

To change template families, you can switch templates, just as you would on any other site. The Custom Template will remain in your Template panel so you can switch back to it if you want to.

As with any template, if you revert back to the Custom Template, the style settings will be as you left them, but changes you made to the site content will remain as-is. For example, if you delete a page, reverting back to the Custom Template won't restore it.

See our tips on what to expect when switching templates for more help.


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