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Troubleshooting Email Campaigns

This guide includes troubleshooting tips for Squarespace Email Campaigns.

My mailing list didn't import

If you see an Improperly Formatted error message, revise your .csv file:

  • The .csv file can have up to three columns, arranged in this order: Email address, first name (optional), and last name (optional).
  • If the first column doesn’t contain email addresses, the import will fail.
  • If your .csv file has more than these three columns, the other columns won't import.

If you see an Upload Failed error message, your mailing list has addresses that may cause high bounce rates and spam reports. Review our best practices and revise your list.

Someone signed up for my mailing list, but I don't see them in my list

If you have confirmation emails enabled for subscriber verification, subscribers who sign up with a Newsletter Block, promotional pop-up, or Cover Page newsletter sign-up must click the link in that email before they're added to the mailing list.


If the person says they haven't received that confirmation email, ask them to check their spam folder. You can disable the confirmation email in some cases. To learn more, visit Subscriber verification.

A subscriber saw a 404 error when they confirmed their subscription

Subscribers will see a 404 error message when they click the link in your confirmation email if the mailing list is disconnected from the Newsletter Block or promotional pop-up. To fix this, reset the connection:

  1. In the Newsletter Block or promotional pop-up editor, click Storage
  2. Click X to remove the current storage option. 
  3. Click Click to connect, and select the mailing list from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Apply

Emails disappeared from my mailing list

When someone clicks Unsubscribe, their email is removed from all mailing lists.

Squarespace also automatically "cleans" (removes) email addresses that "hard bounce," which means they aren't connected to a valid inbox. Removing these email addresses reduces bounce rates and helps improve deliverability for all your campaigns.

To learn more, visit Email campaign unsubscribes.

My email says it was sent "via"

This happens with free emails (like Gmail or Outlook) or unverified custom emails. To remove this, use a custom email and verify its domain.

The Unsubscribe link in my test email doesn't work

We deactivate Unsubscribe links in test emails so they don't affect your Unsubscribe analytics. To see what happens when subscribers unsubscribe, visit Email campaign unsubscribes.

My email didn't send

If your email didn't send, or if there's a delay in sending, contact us. We don't recommend attempting to re-send the email, as this can result in a duplicate. 

I can't edit the text in a layout

Some layouts use images that contain text. The Hail layout, for example, has this image section:


This is an image file that has transparent areas. You can change the background color, which shows through the image, but you can't change the text or its color, which is part of the image.

If you need different text, delete this image and replace it with your own image or text.

I can't move sections

To move a section, click and drag the section to a new location.

When it's in an area where you can click and drag, the mouse will look like a hand. You can't click and drag in editable areas, such as the text field in a text section. If you're having trouble finding an area where your mouse is a hand, you may need to adjust that section's padding to increase the white space.

I accidentally deleted a color swatch

If that color is being used in a different section, you can add it back to your main swatch colors. For example, if you delete a swatch color that's also being used in your blog post buttons:

  1. Click the blog post section.
  2. Click Details.
  3. Click Button Color.
  4. Click the + icon that appears in the swatch for that color.

If the color isn't used anywhere in your campaign, there isn't currently a way to retrieve it. As a precaution, you can write down the HEX colors you're using in case you accidentally delete a swatch.




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Troubleshooting Email Campaigns