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Selling food and perishables

Creating an online store for food or beverages is a great way to share your brand’s story and sell directly to customers without solely relying on local retailers. In this guide, we’ll explore tips on topics like choosing a template, adding your products, displaying a stockist, and setting up the best shipping options.

Tip: For detailed instructions on building your online store, visit Understanding Squarespace Commerce.

Select a template

While all Squarespace templates feature bold page layouts and Commerce options, the following templates are an especially good fit for online stores that sell food, candy, baked goods, sauces, drinks, or other perishables. From full-bleed images to product hover effects, these templates tell your brand's story while putting your products front and center.


Foster uses Index Pages and parallax scrolling to create a dynamic introduction to your store. Alternate full-bleed images with product information give customers an overview of what you offer before directing them to your Products Page.

Foster is part of the Brine family. For detailed instructions, visit the Brine family's template guide



Supply offers sidebar navigation and special hover effects, which help you balance product photography and product information. 

For detailed instructions, visit Supply's template guide



Brine offers Advanced Commerce features, including product Quick View and product zoom, which help customers quickly browse your selection. Brine also offers more flexibility when it comes to building and styling your site's navigation.

For detailed instructions, visit Brine's template guide


Tell your story

Create an About page to show customers why your brand is special. This is a great place to share photos of how your products are made, where your ingredients come from, and your mission as a company. 

Display and market your products

Building a cohesive and organized Products Page can help drive sales and create a great shopping experience for customers. Add tags and categories to help customers discover your products, and use the Additional Info tab to add nutrition and allergy information. For more tips on displaying your products, visit Organizing your products

Add a Newsletter Block or Promotional Pop-Up to build mailing lists, and design email marketing campaigns with Squarespace Email Campaigns

You can also use our integration with Facebook Business Manager to sell your products directly through Instagram

Sell subscriptions

If you sell products that repeat customers buy regularly, create subscription products to bring in predictable, recurring revenue. Customers who buy subscription products save their billing and shipping details, and are charged automatically at each renewal. To learn more, visit Subscription products.

Display a stocklist

If you sell your products through local retailers, add a page to your navigation to show customers where they can find your products in their area. Use the Locations starter layout, or create a more custom look with Text and Spacer Blocks.


Create regional shipping zones

You may want to offer location-based shipping options if you sell perishables. In the United States and Canada, you can create shipping zones for specific states and provinces. Use shipping zones to set up options requiring customers to choose expedited shipping if they're far away, set higher shipping rates for areas outside the continental United States, or avoid shipping to certain states and provinces altogether.

Check with your shipping carrier to see if there are restrictions on shipping food, beverages, and perishables.

Optimize for search engines

Displaying your stockist will help Google and other search engines find you, especially in local searches. Build a contact page to display your main location. We also recommend signing up for Google MyBusiness, verifying your site with Google Search Console, and following our other SEO best practices.

Next steps

Now that your store is up and running, follow these steps to customize your site and engage with customers:

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Selling food and perishables