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Automating order fulfillment with ShipBob

ShipBob is an order fulfillment service that helps online stores manage shipping and inventory.

With this integration, you can sell products through Squarespace while ShipBob's fulfillment centers handle warehousing, packing, and shipping the orders.

This is a great option for growing businesses that want to offer fast shipping while keeping costs down.

What's a fulfillment center?

A fulfillment center is a warehouse and shipping team that stocks inventory and fulfills orders for different businesses. Fulfillment centers make it possible to sell physical products without the overhead of renting your own warehouse or hiring a shipping and receiving team.

How it works

ShipBob owns and operates fulfillment centers across the United States, where you can stock your inventory. When a customer purchases an item through your Squarespace site, here’s what happens:

  1. After checkout, your customer's payment is sent to your account via your payment processor.
  2. The order is sent to ShipBob automatically.
  3. The fulfillment center where you store your inventory packs and ships the order to the customer.
  4. ShipBob’s software helps you keep track of inventory levels.

Set up the ShipBob integration

To start using ShipBob for order fulfillment: 

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Apps
  2. Click ShipBob
  3. Click Connect
  4. Click Allow
  5. Log in or sign up for ShipBob to complete the connection.

For next steps, follow ShipBob's documentation. If you have trouble, contact ShipBob support.

Note: ShipBob built and manages this integration, and it falls outside the scope of our support. We can’t guarantee the functionality or full compatibility with Squarespace. For help with the ShipBob integration, contact them directly.
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Automating order fulfillment with ShipBob