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Helping customers find your products

Making it easy for visitors to find products on your site can help increase sales. This guide offers a few tips on how to ensure your shop is clearly labeled and easy to find.

Tip: Ensure your site’s store is visible to visitors by placing it in your Main Navigation.

Give your Products Pages clear titles

When naming or renaming a page, you can add three titles. The SEO title appears in browser address bars and helps search engines understand what's on your page, the navigation title appears in the navigation menu, and the page title appears on the page in some templates.

Obvious navigation titles like "Shop," "Store," or "Products" tell customers where to click. This avoids any potential confusion resulting from more obscure titles, like "Apothecary," "Provisions," or "Goods."

However, when adding SEO and page titles, being more descriptive or creative can help your brand stand out and your content appear in search. For example, a site selling soap could use "Shop" as its navigation title and "Homemade Organic Soaps" as its SEO title.

Set your store as your homepage

Setting your store as your homepage makes it the first page visitors see when visiting your domain. While not every visitor will arrive at your homepage, since they may find other pages through search results, this still puts your products at the front and center of your site.

This also lets customers return to your products from anywhere on your site by clicking your site title or logo.

If you don't want to use a Products Page as your homepage, that's okay too. Sometimes a more creative landing page makes more sense for a brand. To draw attention to your shop, you can use a Regular Page or Index Page and highlight notable products in a Summary Block or Product Block. You can also add a button that leads to your shop.

Put your store first or last

Depending on your template's navigation style, the first or last page in your navigation may stand out more. Visitors are more likely to notice the first word when scanning a list left to right, and some templates let you turn the last navigation into a button. This can give your Shop link a design that sets it apart from the other navigation links.


Create a drop-down menu

If you have multiple Products Pages or want to link to specific categories or tags, place these links in a folder in your navigation. Titling the folder "Shop" or "Store" will give your visitors clear instructions on where to click, while maintaining your specific Products Pages organization.

For help, visiting Using folders.


Track results in Analytics

As you experiment with changes in your navigation, use the Purchase Funnel panel in Analytics to measure if these changes increase product views over time.

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Helping customers find your products