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Setting up drop shipping with Printful

Printful is an on-demand printing service that prints and ships custom designs. They offer drop shipping, which is a way to sell products without managing physical inventory or shipping yourself.

With this integration, you can sell custom items through your Squarespace site, while Printful takes care of printing and order fulfillment. 

This integration is useful if you sell designs or photography, or if you sell branded merchandise in addition to other products. This integration is only available for physical products.

This integration uses our Orders API. This is a Premium feature available in the Commerce Advanced plan.

Before you begin

When you fulfill orders through Printful, you become a Printful customer.

How it works

With the Printful integration, here’s what happens when a customer purchases a product through your Squarespace site:

  1. After checkout, your customer's payment is sent to your account via your payment processor.
  2. An order for the product is placed with Printful automatically, and Printful charges you the price for fulfilling the order.
  3. Printful prints, packages, and ships the product to your customer.

To learn more, visit Printful's documentation.

Set up the Printful integration

To start using Printful for drop shipping:

  1. Create a Printful account.
  2. In Squarespace, get your Orders API key.
  3. Follow Printful’s documentation to connect your Squarespace store. 

After you connect your Squarespace store, orders made through Squarespace will appear in Printful. All ordered products will show up, but you can choose which ones to drop ship. After you enable drop shipping for a product, future orders for the same product variant will be fulfilled through Printful automatically. 

Note: Printful built and manages this integration, and it falls outside the scope of our support. We can’t guarantee the functionality or full compatibility with Squarespace. For help with the Printful integration, contact them directly.
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Setting up drop shipping with Printful