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Tips for contacting Customer Care for a client

If you're a designer or developer and you need to contact Squarespace on behalf of a client, keep these tips in mind. Following some best practices from Advisors will help us answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Have the correct permissions

Ensure you have Site Owner, Admin, or Billing permissions on the site, even if you have a general question and not an issue. Having one of these levels allows us to discuss and troubleshoot private site information with you directly instead of asking you to go through your client.

In some situations, we may ask you to verify that you own the site. Most methods of verification require site access.

Do basic troubleshooting first

You can resolve some issues by walking your client through some basic browser troubleshooting steps first. This will help you see if the issue is only happening on their computer or for everyone:

  • Ensure they're using the latest version of a supported browser
  • Clear their cache
  • Disable browser extensions

Gather helpful information we'll need

After basic browser troubleshooting, sharing the information you found with us gives us useful context and can avoid extra back-and-forth on your case.

Whenever possible, document and include this information at the start of your live chat or ticket:

  • Primary domain
  • Built-in domain (ends with
  • Relevant page URLs
  • Browser version
  • Behavior you’re seeing compared to what you expect to see
  • Steps you took to try to resolve the issue

Include screenshots

Screenshots are always helpful, especially if you can't replicate the issue. If your client needs help, share our Taking a screenshot guide. Before submitting screenshots in your ticket, give them descriptive file names like aboutPage_banner.jpg or dnsSettings.jpg

Choose email over live chat

When getting help for a client, email can be more efficient than live chat. While live chat is great for immediate answers and real-time troubleshooting, there isn't as much room to stop a live conversation to ask a client for more information if you need it. With email, you can wait to check in with a client before you reply and even CC them.

If you're a Squarespace Circle member, use the email address you used to sign up for the Circle. This lets Advisors see you're an experienced user. 

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Tips for contacting Customer Care for a client