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Marquee Blog Pages (discontinued)

Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, and Shift share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.

The Blog Page for Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, and Shift displays as a list of vertically-stacked posts. Clicking a post title opens the full post at its own URL.

Note: The Marquee family is discontinued. Although we still support these templates, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current templates. For a more modern template, we recommend switching to Brine.
Note: To set up your Blog Page and posts, visit Adding a Blog Page.

Landing page layout

On the blog landing page:

Use the Blog Layout tweak to adjust the overall style of your Blog landing page.

Blog Layout: Columns

  • Thumbnail images, Comment, Like, and Share buttons, and a View Post link display between border lines above each post.
  • The post title and date display to the left of the post content.


Blog Layout: Simple

  • All content stacks vertically. 
  • The date displays above the post content.
  • Comment, Like, and Share buttons display below the post content.
  • Thumbnail images and View Post links are hidden.
  • Use the Blog Width tweak to adjust the width (narrow, full).


Individual post layout

The Blog Layout tweak doesn't affect individual blog posts. 

  • Use the Hide Author tweak to hide or display author names.
  • The blog post’s thumbnail creates a parallax-scrolling banner. The title, date, and author display over the banner.
  • Tags, categories, and navigation for previous and next posts display below the comments



Set an excerpt for a post to display teaser content.

  • Excerpts don’t display a Read More link.
  • If your layout is set to Blog Layout: Columns, the thumbnail and a View More link display. 



In the Marquee family:

  • The Blog Page supports a parallax-scrolling page banner image or video. The page title and description with special formatting options can display as an overlay.
  • On individual blog posts, the post's thumbnail creates the banner. The post's title, date, and author display as an overlay.

Source URLs

To link a blog post's title to an external page, add a source URL in the Options tab of any post.

In the Marquee family:

  • Linked titles display an arrow.
  • The source URL doesn't display.


Tags and categories

You can add tags and categories in any blog post's settings to organize your posts. 

If you link directly to a tag or category list, the text "Viewing entries in" or "Viewing entries tagged" displays at the top of the page.

The text style follows body text. "Viewing entries" text is italicized.

Author names

You can set the author name in each blog post's settings:

  • On the blog landing page - Author name never displays.
  • On individual posts - Use the Hide Author tweak to hide or display author names on all posts.


On mobile devices and narrow browsers, content stacks vertically.


Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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Marquee Blog Pages (discontinued)