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Fixing billing failures

Learn what to do if you received a "Credit Card Billing Failure" email from Squarespace.

Why did my payment fail?

A "Credit Card Billing Failure" email means we were unable to process your credit card. Your site is now past due. There are a few reasons why this might happen: 

Your card has expired.

To fix this, update your billing credit card. Ensure the information is accurate. Updating your card prompts another payment attempt. Assuming your card is valid, this payment should go through successfully. If not, we'll attempt to process your payment again every five days.

Your account has insufficient funds.

If your account had insufficient funds at the last payment attempt, we'll automatically make another attempt in five days. To manually trigger a new payment attempt, click Retry Payment. If the attempt is successful, a purchase receipt will appear.

I have a new card to use. How do I add it?

Follow these steps to update your billing credit card. It's only possible to keep one credit card on file per website.

I updated my credit card. Did the payment go through?

Once you update your billing credit card, we'll automatically attempt to process any outstanding payments. Assuming your credit card is valid, this payment should go through successfully and display a purchase receipt. 

How long does this payment cover?

Our billing plans are available on annual or monthly cycles. Depending on your cycle, your payment will cover the next year or month of service.

After updating your billing credit card, you can change your billing plan or cycle.

Can I have an extension?

Unfortunately, we can't make an extension on an outstanding payment. However, we do offer a built-in grace period. Your site will expire 15 days after a payment is due. You can reactivate the expired site once you can make a payment. Content may or may not be recoverable, depending on how long the site was expired.

Can I place my subscription on hold?

It isn't possible to place your subscription on hold. If you have a Squarespace Domain, you can revert to a parking page while your site is expired. 

I don't need my site. How do I cancel?

If you no longer want your site, you can cancel your subscription.

I don’t need my site, but I want to keep my domain/email.

If you let your site expire, any Squarespace domains connected to your site will become parking pages. If you have a G Suite by Google subscription, you can continue managing these email addresses through your parking page.

My site expired. Can I reactivate it?

You can reactivate your site at any time. Content may or may not be recoverable, depending on how long the site was expired. 

My payment went through, but my site is still down.

If your payment was processed successfully, but your site is still down, this could be related to your domain

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Fixing billing failures