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Discontinued blocks

As we continue to develop Squarespace, we occasionally discontinue features, including specific blocks. This lets us focus on improving the editing tools that benefit our customers the most.

Discontinued blocks are no longer available to add to sites. If you already have these blocks, they'll continue to work.

Discontinued blocks

These List blocks are discontinued:

  • Author List Block
  • Category List Block
  • Month List Block
  • Tag List Block

You can use the Archive Block as a replacement for these blocks. It combines the features of the discontinued blocks with more styling and layout options.

Edit a discontinued block

If you have an Author, Category, Month, or Tag List Block on your site, you can still change the page that it pulls content from:

  1. In the Pages panel, click the page or blog post containing the block.
  2. Double-click the block to open the editor.
  3. In the block editor, select the page with the content you want to display in the block. Each block can populate with content from one Blog, Gallery, Products, or Events Page.
  4. Click Save.

Can I keep using a discontinued block?

Yes. If you have a discontinued block on your site, you can continue to use it with full functionality.

What happens if I delete a discontinued block?

If you delete a discontinued block, you won’t be able to re-add it again. Ensure that you no longer need the block before deleting it. Deleted blocks can’t be recovered.

Can Squarespace still help me with the block?

Yes. Customer Care will continue to help you with your site and answer any questions you have. If bugs or issues arise with the block, we'll fix them. However, discontinued blocks are no longer developed and won't be updated with any new design features.


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