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Using the Tremont template family

Tremont, Camino, Carson, and Henson are in the same template family. This means they share the same underlying structure and functionality. The directions in the Tremont guides apply to all these templates.

See the left navigation sidebar for information on building and customizing specific parts of your site. If you haven't yet picked a template, you can get help with initial installation at Getting started with Squarespace. You can also visit our general tips for building a portfolio, restaurant, or photographer site.

Special features

Tremont, Camino, Carson, and Henson put the focus on your work with full-bleed imagery and dynamic overlay effects.

Slideshow portfolio

The Index Page creates an interactive portfolio with large-scale images, each linking to a page on your site. Navigate through the slideshow by hovering over the page links, or set it to scroll through the pages automatically.

Full-bleed galleries

Choose from three layouts to give your Gallery Pages special flair.

Scrolling effects

Unique scrolling effects give your site an interactive feel, including an overlay header that disappears as you scroll down.

Scaling fonts

Set the parameters of how your site’s fonts scale to control the size of key text in mobile browsers.

Page overlays

Add semi-transparent overlay colors to your site, and customize them with sophisticated blend modes.

Quick start

Certain tweaks and settings can make a big impact on how your site looks and behaves. Play with the following options until you settle on a design you love.

To open any panel, press the ? key and search for its name.


Navigate to any page, except an Index or Gallery Page, then open the Site Styles panel. These are some key tweaks that affect the whole site:

  • Site > Site Background Color
  • Site > Outer Padding
  • Footer > Show Footer
  • Branding > Site Title Font or Logo Height
  • Site Navigation Typography > Link Color or Link Alternate Color
  • Site Navigation Options > Nav Position and Nav Style

Index Page

To get a feel for how the Index slideshow portfolio works, create an Index Page and give it at least three sub-pages. Ensure each sub-page has a thumbnail image. Then open Site Styles and experiment with these tweaks:

  • Index Overlay/Background Colors > Overlay Color, Use Gradient for Overlay, and Overlay Blend Mode
  • Index Typography > Index Menu Font
  • Index Typography > Index Menu Link Style
  • Index Menu Options > Position and Layout
  • Index Slideshow Options > Slideshow On and Slideshow Delay
  • Index Slideshow Options > Slideshow Animation

Gallery Page

To get a feel for how the Gallery Page works, create a Gallery Page and add at least three images. Then open Site Styles and experiment with these tweaks: 

  • Gallery Layout Options > Style
  • Gallery Overlay > Overlay Color and Overlay Opacity
  • Gallery Overlay > Use Gradient for Overlay, Overlay Color 2, and Overlay Blend Mode
  • Gallery Overlay Typography > Title Font and Gallery Title Background
  • Gallery Overlay Options > Title/Desc Position
  • Gallery Overlay Options > Show Gallery Title 

Next step

To get started building your site, visit Structure and style

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Using the Tremont template family