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Viewing contributor login activity

To view details about each login session on your site, use the Login History panel. This is a helpful tool for tracking login activity by device and spotting any suspicious logins. You can also force a specific device to log out when their session ends.

Note: This panel displays your account's login history, not the login details for a specific site.

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The Login History panel tracks these login details:

  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Month of first log in
  • IP address

The Login History panel doesn't track:

  • Visitor activity (use Activity Log instead)
  • Contributor names
  • Geographic addresses
  • Specific site edits

View login history

In the Home Menu, click Settings, then Billing & Account, then Login History.

  • The panel displays a summary of all logins, sorted from oldest to newest.
  • Created is when the contributor first logged in using their password.
  • If a contributor chooses the Stay Logged In option, the panel won’t record further sessions from that device for as long as they're logged in.
  • If a contributor logs in from a new device, this is recorded as a new session.

Force a device to log out

You can delete a login session to require a user to re-enter their password the next time they try to log in from that device.

Deleting a login is a good idea if you logged in from public computer or if you suspect that an IP address is an unauthorized user. This action will fully clear the login session.

To delete a login, hover over it, and then click the trash can icon.

Note: Deleting a login won't automatically log out users on Squarespace Mobile Apps.
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Viewing contributor login activity