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Montauk Index Pages

Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om share the same underlying structure and functionality. This guide applies to all these templates.

The Index Page for Montauk, Julia, Kent, and Om organizes page thumbnails into a grid to create visual navigation. Many people use it as a homepage.

The Index Page supports these page types:

  • Layout Pages
  • Gallery Pages
  • Blog Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Products Pages
  • Album Pages

You can add a page banner and per-page footer to your Index Page.

Set up the Index Page

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the + icon, then click Index.
  3. In the Index that appears, click + Add Page to add a new page, or drag an existing page into the Index.
  4. Ensure each page has a page thumbnail.

Each page you add to the Index will create its own thumbnail tile within the Index Page. The page title displays as text below each thumbnail. Rearrange the page order in the Pages panel to rearrange the thumbnail order.

For detailed steps, visit Using the Index Page.

Style the Index Page

Use the tweaks in the Index Styles section of Site Styles to adjust the look and feel of your Index Page, including:

  • Index Thumb Title Color - Adjust the color of the page titles that display below the thumbnails.
  • Thumbnails Per Row - Choose how many thumbnails display in each row.
  • Thumbnail ratio - Adjust the height of the thumbnail images.
  • Thumbnail Opacity - Adjust how much of the background color shows through.
  • Thumbnail Hover Opacity - Choose how much the thumbnail fades when a visitor hovers over it.

Gallery and Layout Pages

Gallery Pages and Layout Pages opened from an Index have special formatting:

  • The top of the page displays at the top of the browser, rather than the site header. This places emphasis on your page content. Visitors can scroll up to see the site header.
  • Clickable thumbnails for the other pages in the Index display below the page content, along with navigation elements.
  • Layout Page banners don't display. If the Index Page has a banner, that displays instead. Otherwise, there's no banner.
  • The URL includes a hashtag (#). The special formatting doesn't display if the page URL doesn't include the #. To learn more, visit Using Index Pages.


Blog, Event, and Products Pages

Blog Pages, Event Pages, and Products Pages display as thumbnails on the Index Page, but open to their own pages, without the Index thumbnails and navigation elements below. 

Index Pages and banners

You can display a banner image or video with overlay text at the top of your Index Page, above the navigation grid. 

The Index's navigation grid only displays thumbnail images. That means even if a page in your Index has a video banner, its thumbnail image will display within the Index grid. 

When you open a Layout Page from within the Index, the Layout Page's banner doesn't display. If the Index Page has a banner, that banner will display above the Layout Page's content.

Events and Blog Pages opened from the Index always display their own banners.

Mobile display

On mobile, Index Pages always display one thumbnail per row.

Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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