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Site Search Queries Analytics

The Site Search panel in Analytics shows you how visitors search internally on your site. The data in this panel shows queries from your site’s search boxes, including:

From this section, you can learn about:

  • What visitors search for on your site
  • How well your content matches their search terms
  • Content or products visitors want so you can make informed decisions about new updates
  • Ways to improve search results by adding headers, categories, tags, product descriptions, and other content targeting these keywords
The Site Search Queries panel is available in all plans.

Review the Site Search Queries panel

Open Site Search Queries

  • In the Home Menu, click Analytics, and then click Site Search Queries.
  • Click the tabs at the top of the panel to filter results by Today, The Past 2 Days, The Past 3 DaysThe Past 7 Days, and The Past 31 Days. Today shows popular content from the past 24 hours.

Graph and table

  • The pie graph is a quick view of the search terms visitors used the most in the selected time frame. The number below the pie chart is the total number of searches performed on your site.
  • The table below the pie graph displays total searches by the term in the selected time filter.

If the panel is empty

If the Site Search Queries panel shows a “No Data Available” message for all time filters, you either don’t have a search feature on your site or visitors didn’t search your site in the selected time frame.


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Site Search Queries Analytics