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Search Engine Queries Analytics

The Search Engine Queries panel in Analytics displays a pie chart showing search terms used to reach your site, ordered by percentage. Since Google hides most search activity from platforms like Squarespace to protect their users’ privacy, we can’t capture all search keywords here.

Availability by plan

The Search Engine Queries panel is available in: 

  • Commerce plans (Basic and Advanced)
  • Website plans (Personal and Business)

Not provided

“Not provided” represents search activity that Google and other search engines hide from third-party platforms like Squarespace to keep search more secure. Google only shares specific queries resulting in clicks on your paid search ads.

If (not provided) has a high pageview count, you might infer that most of this traffic is actually from Google searches. Due to Google’s search security practice, there’s no way to see what those terms are from the Squarespace interface. Instead, we recommend using Google Search Console to see more search terms visitors are using to find you.

Review the Search Engine Queries panel

Open Search Engine Queries

  • In the Home Menu, click Analytics, and then click Search Engine Queries.
  • Click the tabs at the top of the panel to filter results by Today, The Past 2 Days, The Past 3 Days, The Past 7 Days, and The Past 31 Days. Today shows results from the past 24 hours.

Table and graph

  • The graph shows some search engine keywords that led to visits to your site, such as keywords resulting in clicks on paid search ads. 
  • The table is a breakdown of some search keywords that led to visits to your site. Count is the number of times that search term (or undetectable Google search term) was used. The dots on each row indicate that there are multiple search engines related to that keyword. Click them to expand the view to all URLs.


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Search Engine Queries Analytics