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Troubleshooting Skye

This guide explains questions and issues that may come up when using templates in the Skye family (Foundry, Indigo, Ready, Skye, and Tudor).

Tip: For general help, see the Skye template family guide.

My post title doesn’t fit in its thumbnail tile

Although text wraps in blog post thumbnail tiles, individual words don’t break when they reach the edge of a container. Depending on your style settings, longer words may be cut off or break through the edge of the tile.

There are certain style options you can use to help prevent this from happening. We recommend going to your blog page, opening site styles, and experimenting with these options:

  • Reduce the minimum size of your titles - Reduce the List title and List title min sizes in Site-wide fonts. Use List title size no image tweaks for posts that don’t have thumbnail images.
  • Increase the width of the tiles - Change the Minimum column width in Blog grid layout.

Why are my blog post thumbnails so small?

To display blog page thumbnails at the width of the tiles:

  1. Open your blog page and navigate to site styles.
  2. Scroll down to Blog grid layout.
  3. Uncheck Inset images.

To edit the images at the top of a blog post:

  1. Open a blog post and navigate to site styles.
  2. Scroll down to Blog post options.
  3. Adjust the Banner image width.

I can’t edit my sidebar’s content

Blog posts in these templates support a sidebar. While on a blog post, hover over the sidebar and click Edit to customize it with blocks. Here are some tips:

  • If your author profile is in the sidebar, hover over the sidebar content below the profile to activate the Edit annotation.
  • Remove the author profile from the sidebar with the Author profile tweak in Blog post options.
  • You can't edit the sidebar while editing the blog post.

Learn more about the blog post sidebar.

How do I recreate the navigation links in the Skye demo site?

The Skye demo site's navigation links take visitors to pages of blog posts that are filtered by category. Learn how to achieve the same effect in Linking to categories or tags.

How do I recreate the sidetray in the Skye navigation overlay?

The Skye template mimics the look of an author profile in the sidetray of the navigation overlay. To recreate this, add an image block, cropping the image with third-party software to make it a circle. Below that, add a text block and a social links block.


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Troubleshooting Skye