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Can Squarespace support my high-traffic site?

Squarespace is hosted on our servers, and all of our websites can support significantly high amounts of traffic. As your site gets more popular, it's supported by the same infrastructure of the many sites that already get millions of pageviews a day.

Built for high-traffic sites

Although no platform can guarantee 100% uptime, we have a stellar reputation for serving high-traffic sites. For example, our own website is a Squarespace site, and it’s served from the same infrastructure we provide to our customers. The massive traffic spikes we handle successfully following our Super Bowl ads is a good example of what your site can handle. For examples of other high-traffic Squarespace sites, visit our Customers page.

Keep in mind too much content, especially large image files, can cause your site to load slowly, particularly on mobile devices. To prevent this, review our tips in My site is loading slowly and Keeping your Squarespace site mobile-friendly.

Security features

If you’re concerned about handling a high volume of visitors, you might also have questions about security. We use numerous methods to protect our customers, including regular security scans to maintain our PCI DSS compliance and use of industry-developed and proprietary tools to guard against potential intruders, DDoS attacks, and other vulnerabilities.

See a complete list of Squarespace's features, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service here:

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