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Galapagos mobile styles

Because Squarespace templates are built with responsive design, your site adjusts to better fit the format of mobile devices. You can use Device View to see how your site looks on different devices.

On Galapagos, the navigation and branding displays in a mobile navigation bar at the top. The tag line doesn’t display in mobile.


Site title or logo

The site title or logo (“branding”) can display differently on mobile. You can use a different font for the site title, or upload a unique mobile logo.

Use the tweaks in the Mobile Styles section of the Style Editor to adjust the mobile style:

  • Use the Nav Site Title tweaks to set a different font and color for the mobile site title. 
  • Select Nav Branding: Show Site Title to adjust the mobile site title’s color and font.
  • Select Nav Branding: Upload Mobile Nav Logo, then use the Nav Logo tweak to upload a logo. Nav Height sets the height of the mobile bar.
Note: The Nav Branding tweak only appears when you've added a logo in desktop view. If you don’t see it, open the Logo & Title panel and upload a site logo.
Tip: Upload the same logo or use the same site title font in mobile view to keep your branding consistent across devices.


Navigation displays as a menu icon ("hamburger icon") in the top-left corner.

Tap the icon to display your navigation links in a drop-down menu above the page content. 

Set the color of the menu icon and navigation links with the Background Color tweak. Set the color of the navigation bar with the Nav Link Color tweak. Both these tweaks affect desktop view.

On Products Pages, product categories display in the navigation.

Products Pages

On mobile devices and narrow browsers, product names and prices don't display on the products landing page. Instead, the product images take the same Product Grid Style format as the desktop version (Organic, Fit, or Featured).

  • Prices and product names display once your customer taps the thumbnail to view an individual product.
  • Category navigation displays in the menu overlay
  • Once you've added a product to your cart, the shopping cart icon and order total display in a navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Quick View won't display.

Individual product items show the price above and below the product image, so that it remains visible on smaller mobile screens.


Gallery images

How your Gallery Page displays on a smartphone depends on the style selected in the Gallery Styles section of the Style Editor. For Gallery Design: Slideshow, the gallery displays as a slideshow. For Gallery Design: Grid, the images stack vertically.

For Gallery Pages and Gallery Blocks, the titles and descriptions for grid lightbox images are hidden behind a dot in the bottom-right corner. Tap the dot to display the image and title.

Note: Unlike some other Squarespace templates, you can’t disable mobile styles for Galapagos. This ensures your site always follows best practices and stays mobile-friendly.


Sidebar content displays beneath page content on mobile. 

Next steps

Review our troubleshooting FAQ or see a list of all Style Editor tweaks

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