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Gallery Pages FAQ

This guide answers the common questions about Gallery Pages.

For help getting started with Gallery Pages, visit Using Gallery Pages.

This guide is for version 7.0. Version 7.1 uses gallery sections instead.

I can't add blocks or text to my Gallery Page.

Gallery Pages are designed to display images and videos only, so you won't see any insert points for adding blocks. To feature additional content with a gallery, we recommend replacing your Gallery Page with a Layout Page and using a combination of Text Blocks and Gallery Blocks. This approach offers greater flexibility to achieve the design you want.

Why does my Gallery look different at the direct page URL?

Your Gallery Page may be in an Index Page, and you may be viewing the Gallery in its Index form, which gives Gallery Pages a unique appearance.

You can tell if you're viewing the Gallery in its index form if you clicked the thumbnail image that represents the gallery in the index and if /#/ appears in the browser address bar.

To view the Gallery Page in its standard form, delete /#/ in your browser address bar.

How can I change the gallery design?

Gallery Page designs are specific to each template. In most templates, you can switch between a grid and slideshow format using the Gallery Design tweak in the Site Styles panel.

To create a different look, we recommend adding a new Layout Page (instead of a Gallery Page) and adding a Gallery Block to the page. The Gallery Block offers more flexibility and design options you may like better, and its features are standard across templates.

To learn more about these differences, visit Gallery Blocks vs. Gallery Pages.

Why are my images out of order?

In most cases, your Gallery Page images and videos display in the same order as the thumbnails in the Gallery Page panel. They'll appear in the order they've been added, with the oldest image or video first, but you can rearrange these within the panel.

However, some templates arrange images and videos based on available space. For templates with an Aspect Ratio style tweak, choosing Aspect Ratio: Auto maintains each image's original aspect ratio, meaning they stay the same shape as when you uploaded them. In order to fit on the page, they may appear in a different order from how they've been arranged in the panel.

Should I use a Gallery Page or a Gallery Block?

It depends on the design you want to achieve. There's no single answer that works for every site. Our guide on Gallery Blocks vs. Gallery Pages explains the advantages of both and offers advice on making the right decision for your gallery.

How many images can I add?

You can add a maximum of 250 images or videos to a Gallery Page. As a note, an excessive amount of images can affect the page's load time.

Can I link images to another page?

In some templates, you can link images in a gallery by adding clickthrough URLs.

Titles and descriptions aren't displaying.

If enabled in most templates, image titles and descriptions display in the bottom-left corner when they're added in the Image or Video Editor. If image titles and descriptions aren't appearing, there are a couple reasons why this might be happening.

  1. Your template supports image titles and descriptions, but they're hidden. To unhide them, open the Site Styles panel while on a Gallery Page and uncheck the Hide Gallery Descriptions tweak.
  2. Your template doesn't support image titles or descriptions. We still recommend adding them, however, as search engines can index them as alt text.

Why do videos have titles, descriptions, and image overlays that I didn’t add myself?

Videos from YouTube and Vimeo sometimes auto-populate title and description fields and provide an image overlay. To change these, open the video for editing and replace the text or image with your own.

What's the difference between a Project Page and a Gallery Page?

The Project Page is a custom gallery view, designed for portfolio layouts. It's available in the York template family.

Gallery Pages and Project Pages use the same interface for loading images. The main difference between them is how they display. On Project Pages, the image title and description text display on the page beside or below the image.

Gallery Pages and Project Pages also have different style options within the Site Styles panel. To learn more, visit York Project Pages.

Tip: Aside from Site Styles options, most instructions for Gallery Pages also apply to Project Pages.
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