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Sharing Gallery Page content

You can share Gallery Page images and videos using connected accounts, deeplink URLs, and Share buttons. You can also display them on your site using blocks.

Share images and videos on social media

Whenever you publish a new image or video to your Gallery Page, you can simultaneously push the content to any of the following accounts:

  • Facebook (Pages only)
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Sharing content directly from your Gallery Page works faster than copying the image or video link and posting it manually, plus you can push to multiple networks at once. If you don’t have any accounts in the Social tab, add them by connecting social accounts.

Tip: These steps also work for images in Project Pages.

Use the following steps to share your content:

  1. Select a Gallery Page with the image or video you want to share.
  2. Hover over the thumbnail in the Gallery panel and click the to open the Image Editor.
  3. Click the Social tab.
  4. Switch each social account where you want to share the image to on.
  5. When you click Save or Save & Publish, the image will appear in your selected social accounts.

Use Deeplink URLs to link to images

In most templates, you can send a visitor to a specific image within a Gallery Page using the image's unique deeplink URL. Use the image's assigned deeplink URL, or customize it with your own text.

For more information and a list of supported templates, visit Using deeplink URLs.

Add Share buttons (Flatiron template)

The Flatiron template includes Share Buttons on Gallery Pages. Share buttons allow your visitors to easily share your images on their own social media accounts. To learn more more, visit Adding share buttons.

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Sharing Gallery Page content