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Deleting a G Suite user

You can delete G Suite by Google email addresses (also known as “users”) directly from your Squarespace site.

Note: If you entered an incorrect username (for example, if you made a typo), rename the user instead of deleting the user and starting over again.

Refund policy

Per our refund policy, we only issue refunds for annual G Suite plans cancelled in the 15-day renewal window.

Delete a user

Note: This will permanently delete the user's inbox and every document it owns. Before deleting, we recommend transferring ownership of the documents associated with their account.
  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Email.
  2. Click the address to delete, then click Remove User.
  3. Click Remove User in the pop-up to confirm.
  4. Repeat to these steps for every email address you want to remove.
  5. Your next billing cycle will no longer show these subscriptions.

If you’re on an annual plan, you now have one available seat that you can fill by creating a new user. See the next section.

Replace a user (Annual plan only)

If you’re on an annual plan and delete a user after the 15-day renewal window, you’ll have one available seat that you can fill with a new user. This ensures that you get the most value out of your annual subscription.

If you’re eligible to fill an empty seat, you’ll see a “You have an unused seat” message when adding a user.

To replace a deleted user:

  1. Follow the steps in Adding more G Suite users.
  2. After clicking Add New User, check for a “You have an unused seat” message near the bottom of the panel instead of an amount you’re being billed.
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Deleting a G Suite user