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Why am I not receiving emails from Squarespace?

If you opened a ticket and didn't receive a confirmation from us, or you're not receiving emails about your Squarespace subscriptions, check your email preferences to see if you've previously unsubscribed from notifications. To ensure you receive messages from Squarespace, turn all notifications on.

If your email notifications are turned on but you're still not receiving emails from Squarespace, check your spam/junk folder. To prevent these emails from being marked as spam, add a rule or filter to accept all emails from these addresses:

  • (Customer Support)
  • (Email notifications from your site)
  • (Form Block submissions from your site)
  • (Squarespace Domain verification)
  • (Transcripts from live chat sessions)
  • (Our Research team)
  • (Squarespace 5 billing notifications)

If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact us from a different email address so we can investigate this further.

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Why am I not receiving emails from Squarespace?