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Troubleshooting Ishimoto

This guide explains questions and issues that may come up when using the Ishimoto template.

Tip: For general help, see the Ishimoto template guide.

Change the color filter on gallery images

In Ishimoto gallery pages, you can create the effect of a color filter on non-active images. This helps the active image stand out.

To set the color:

  1. In the Home menu, click Design, then Site styles.
  2. Scroll down to Gallery styles.
  3. Set the transparency of the non-active images with Gallery slide opacity.
  4. Change the color that shows through with Gallery background.
  5. If Gallery background color is partially transparent, the site background also shows through. Change this with Site background in the General section.


Gallery page is stacked

Ishimoto's responsive design stacks gallery page images on mobile devices or browsers that are 800 pixels or narrower. This makes the images more visible in smaller browsers.

Navigation is lower on some pages

In Ishimoto, content centers vertically on the page. Pages without much content have more padding at the top and bottom than longer pages.

To make navigation appear at the same height across all pages, there are a few options:

  • Add spacer blocks to the bottom of layout pages to make them all the same length.
  • Experiment with increasing the height of the content on each page. For example, if the navigation on your gallery page is lower than your other pages, increase the height of your gallery using the Gallery height (max) tweak in the Gallery styles section of site styles. This moves the navigation higher on those pages.

Slideshow gallery doesn't scroll when clicked

All the images in the Ishimoto gallery must load before you can move between images. If the gallery has many very large images, it may take longer before you can advance through the gallery. We recommend a maximum width of 2500 pixels per image.

Sometimes it's unclear if the gallery has scrolled as you navigate through. In general, the active image within the gallery center-aligns. However, this isn't the case for images at the beginning and end of the gallery slideshow, and may be less apparent depending on your image width and orientation. To make it clear which image is active, you can:

  • Add titles or captions to your images
  • Change the Gallery slide opacity in the gallery styles section of site styles.
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Troubleshooting Ishimoto