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Ishimoto Gallery Pages

Ishimoto's striking Gallery Page makes this template a favorite for photographers and other artists. As seen on the default homepage in the Ishimoto demo content, the Gallery Page displays images and videos in a full-bleed carousel format that scrolls horizontally.

Use the Gallery Styles section of Site Styles to adjust the styling of your gallery. If you have more than one Gallery Page, the tweaks will apply to all of them so their styling stays consistent.


The Gallery Height tweak adjusts the maximum height of your gallery.

Image titles and descriptions

When Hide Gallery Descriptions is unchecked, the image title and description display in the bottom-left corner of the active photo. Add a title and description for each image in the image editor.

Note: Titles and descriptions don't display over videos.


Visitors can navigate through the gallery by clicking on images (without clickthrough URLs), or using the navigation arrows.

  • Use the Gallery Controls tweak to change the navigation arrows to text navigation, or remove them altogether.
  • If you check Gallery Auto Play, the images scroll horizontally automatically.

When the gallery reaches the end, it scrolls back to the first image. 

Non-active images opacity and background color

The Gallery Slide Opacity tweak reduces the opacity on the non-active images, revealing the Gallery Background color behind them.

If the Gallery Background color isn't completely opaque, the Site Background color from the General section of Site Styles will also show through the non-active images.

Top and bottom border color

If you’ve added a border with the Page Border Color and Page Border Width tweaks in the General section of Site Styles, it displays flush with the top and bottom of the gallery.

Adding links to images

Ishimoto galleries support clickthrough URLs. Clickthrough URLs let you turn any image in a gallery into a link to an external page, internal page, or file.

Tip: To link to a larger version of an image, create a Layout Page with then image you want, then link to that page with a clickthrough URL.

Linking to images within the gallery

Ishimoto supports deeplink URLs. These are individual URLs assigned to each image, so that you can send visitors directly to any image within a Gallery. You can customize the deeplink URL for each image.

Changing the format

To create a gallery with a different layout, create a Layout Page and add a Gallery Block. This way, you can create a gallery with a carousel, grid, slideshow, or stacked format.


On any browser that's 800 pixels or narrower, Ishimoto Gallery Pages display in a stacked format. This better fits the needs of narrow browsers and mobile devices.

Image titles and descriptions display below the images.

Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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