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Troubleshooting Native

This guide explains questions and issues that may come up when using the Native template.

Tip: For general help, see the Native template guide.

Background image isn't fixed on mobile

Many mobile browsers, including iOS, don't support fixed background images. To achieve a similar effect, experiment with the Size: cover and Size: contain background image style options. Note that background image style settings apply to your site on both mobile and computers.

For more help, visit Troubleshooting cropping issues.

Can’t adjust the header spacing.

Use Header spacing tweak in the Site header section of site styles to change the space between the navigation and the page content.

If your browser window is narrower than 1052 pixels, the header spacing disappears. This is a feature of Squarespace responsive design, which changes to best fit the browser or device your site is viewed on.

If you widen the browser window to 1052 pixels or wider, the header spacing will appear.

How do I turn rectangular images into circles?

There are two ways to create circular images using Native's built-in options:

  • Add an excerpt to a blog post in Native. The thumbnail image for that post displays as a circle on the blog landing page.
  • Add a cover page with the Focus layout. Add multiple images to create a slideshow.

Aside from those options, the best way to create circular images for other pages is to use a third-party photo editing program. This is how our designers made the circular images on Native's demo about page.

Here's an example of the post thumbnail option:

And here's an example of the cover page option:

Tip: You can crop images into circles on some auto layouts on version 7.1 sites. Learn more about the latest version of our platform in Squarespace version 7.1.

Navigation menu displays the wrong page on mobile

Native's navigation menu will sometimes display the last page you chose rather than the current page, especially if you've tapped the Back button on your browser.

  • If you tap the navigation menu, then tap outside the menu without choosing a page, Navigation displays.
  • If you tap through several pages in the navigation menu, then tap the Back button in the browser, the previous page displays.
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Troubleshooting Native