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Renaming, deleting, and merging tags and categories

You can bulk-edit a page's tags and categories in the Advanced tab in Page Settings. This is a great way to rename categories added to multiple items, remove unused tags/categories, or merge multiple tags or categories into one.

Follow this guide to manage tags/categories in these pages:

  • Album
  • Blog
  • Events
  • Gallery
  • Products

Before you begin

Tags and categories are managed per-page (for example, per individual Blog Page, Product, page, or Gallery Page). It isn't possible to bulk-edit or set the same tags/categories across multiple pages or your whole site. If you have multiple pages with tags/categories, repeat these steps for each page.

Open Advanced Page Settings

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Hover over the page title in the Pages panel, and then click the to open Page Settings.
  3. Click Advanced.

Rename a tag or category

To change the tag/category text:

In the Advanced tab, click an tag/category then enter a new title in the box. Click Rename. The change will apply to every instance of that tag/category on the page.

Delete a tag or category

To remove a tag/category:

In the Advanced tab, click on the tags/categories you want to remove. Then click Remove Selected. The tag or category will be removed from every item where it appeared.

Merge tags or categories

To merge two or more tags/categories:

In the Advanced tab, click the tags or categories to combine. Enter the new name for the merged items. Click Merge, and then click Confirm.

All items with the selected tags or categories will have the new tag/category.

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Renaming, deleting, and merging tags and categories