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Which template am I using?

To see your site's template, visit the Template panel.

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Check your template

In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Template.

This opens the Template panel, which lists all templates you’ve installed or previewed on your site.

  • Your live template has a Live label next to it. This is the template visitors see.
  • If you’re previewing a template, the template has a Previewing overlay. This template only appears to you while you’re logged in. Your live template still has a Live label.

To set the template you’re previewing as your live template, click Set as Live Template in the bottom banner. You can also Cancel the preview.


Template families

Many templates are part of a "template family." Templates within a family all share the same features and style options. If you know your template's family, it can help you find template-specific information, such as our template guides.

To see a list of templates and their families, visit What's my template's family?

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