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Using images and videos

Imagery can serve as the main focus of your site or add to its design. You can add images and videos to your site using blocks, Gallery Pages, banners, backgrounds, and logos.

If you don't have your own images, you can add stock images through our partnerships with Unsplash and Getty Images.

Watch the All About Images Video Series for tutorials on using images in Squarespace.

Add images

Add images to break up text, show off your portfolio, and make your site an engaging experience.

Embed videos

Add videos to show off trailers, testimonials, vlogs, and more.

Use images elsewhere

Images can represent collection items, like blog posts or products, or serve as part of your site's overall branding and aesthetic.

Advanced image options

Go beyond the basics by styling your images and creating interactive elements.

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When choosing how to add images to your site, use these guidelines:

  • You can add blocks to Layout Pages and other editable blocks areas, like footers.
  • Gallery Pages are special preformatted pages on your site for showcasing images and videos.
  • Thumbnails can create banners at the top of the page in some templates.

See our examples below to help inspire you as you build your site.

Add images directly to a page

In an editable area, such as a Layout Page, you can add content with blocks.

Use Image Blocks and Video Blocks to add individual images or videos, while Gallery Blocks are good for adding a set of images or videos:


When building Layout Pages, you can choose from layouts that have pre-arranged blocks:

Starter layout menu for image-centric Layout Pages.

Pull images in from other places

Use a Summary Block to pull the latest thumbnail images from other pages on your site, such as a Blog Page:


And here's an Instagram Block pulling the latest images from an Instagram Feed:


Create a standalone gallery

Each template family has a special preformatted Gallery Page that's designed to showcase images and videos. Your Gallery Page's design depends on your template.

Here's a Gallery Page in the Tremont template:


Here's a Gallery Page in the Ishimoto template:


Here's a Gallery Page in the Avenue template:


Add an image or video at the top of a page

Banners display at the top of your page. Here's a banner in the Brine template:


Here's a banner in the Five template:


Add site elements, such as logos

You can replace your site title with a logo image and add social icons to your site. Depending on your template, you may be able to display other icons, such as a search bar. This example is in the Brine template:



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Using images and videos