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Video Series: Commerce in version 7.0

Your eCommerce store is more than a website; it's an extension of your business and brand. By following the videos below, you can set up your store, add products, manage sales, and create satisfied customers. Squarespace's Commerce features are robust and customizable, so feel free to pause the videos at any time and refer to the guides linked below the videos for step-by-step instructions. You can also sign up for an expert-led webinar for more help launching your online store.

This guide applies to version 7.0 only. For information about version 7.1, visit the Video Series for version 7.1. If you're not sure what version your site is on, follow these steps to check.
Commerce and payment processors are Premium features available in Business and Commerce plans.

Get started

Choose a template and begin managing your products. You can customize products with images, variants, forms, and other features, and match the site design to your unique brand. Then organize your products to create a beautiful and simple shopping experience for your customers.

To learn more, visit Adding products to your store.

Set up your store

Set up your Commerce store by connecting a payment processor and customizing your checkout flow, and create test orders to better understand your customer's user experience. Then connect a newsletter mailing list and personalize email settings to stay connected with your customers. This video covers the initial steps to setting up your store.

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Process orders

Fulfill and refund orders from the Orders panel, add tracking numbers to better organize customer purchases, and manage orders to keep your store running smoothly.

More resources:

Share your store

Use blog posts and the announcement bar to keep customers aware of new products and promotions. Connect to social media to share content across platforms and promote your products, on your site and around the web.

To learn more, visit Sharing content on social media and Connecting Twitter to Squarespace.

Optimize your store

Connect Squarespace Extensions, a collection of third-party tools, to your site to enhance your store and streamline key tasks, like sales tax compliance, drop shipping, SEO, and social media marketing.

For a full list of Squarespace Extensions, visit our extensions directory.

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Video Series: Commerce in version 7.0