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Supply Site Styles tweaks

This is a list of all Site Styles tweaks for the Supply template.

We constantly evolve the Squarespace platform to give you the best possible tools for building your website. If the platform recently changed, you may see different options than the ones listed below. The best way to learn how any tweak works is to experiment with it and see what changes on your site.

Site Wide

These tweaks adjust your site alignment and the background color for your main content areas.

  • Site Vertical Alignment: Top, Middle - For Top, the site title, tag line, and Main Navigation display at the top, and Secondary Navigation and social icons display at the bottom. For Middle, all elements are centered vertically.
  • Page Color


This tweak appears when you set a Layout Page as a homepage. 

  • Full Width Homepage  


Adjust the settings for the navigation sidebar.

  • Header Color - Adjusts the background color for the sidebar.
  • Site Title Font  
  • Site Title Color  
  • Logo Size - Appears when you’ve replaced your site title with a logo.
  • Site Tagline Font  
  • Site Tagline Color  
  • Header Border - Add a border between the sidebar and the page content.
  • Header Border Thickness  
  • Header Border Color  
  • Use Site Title in Mobile Header - Appears after you’ve added a site logo. Learn more.


Adjust the display settings for the Main Navigation and Secondary Navigation that displays in your sidebar.

  • Folder Links: Always Show, Collapsible - Choose if sublinks always show or display when clicked. Links always show on mobile.
  • Index LinksShow Both, Parent Link Only, Child Links Only, Show Both While Inside Index - Choose how Index Links display.
  • Product Category LinksShow Both, Parent Link Only, Category Links Only, Show Both While Inside Index - Choose if sublinks and categories display. They won't display if the Products Page is in an Index.
  • Primary Nav Font
  • Nav Link Spacing
  • Primary Nav Link Color
  • Secondary Nav Font
  • Secondary Nav Link Color
  • Nav Active Color


Style your built-in social icons:

  • Show Social Icons  
  • Social Icon Style: Round, Square, Icon Only
  • Social Icon Size
  • Social Icon Color
  • Standard Color - Use the default color of the service's branding.

Main Content

Adjust the fonts and colors for the text on your site.

  • Heading Font - Style all headers on your site. The size option sets the Heading 1 size; Heading 2 and Heading 3 text scales proportionally.
  • Heading Color  
  • Body Font  
  • Body Text Color  
  • Meta Font - Adjusts metadata on your site, such as the dates and tags on blog posts or the Sale label on products. The color is set by the Body Text Color, but is partially transparent.
  • Link Color  


These tweaks appear on Products Pages.

  • Product Background Color  
  • Product List Style: Viewbook, Catalog, Showroom, Flipcard
  • Product Column Width - Controls the width of the products. The smaller the width, the more products columns display horizontally. The number of columns that display depends on the width of the browser window.
  • Product Gutter - Adjusts the space between product items. Reduce to 0px to create a seamless grid without any margins.
  • Product Aspect Ratio - Controls the size and shape of your thumbnails. Selecting any ratio other than Auto will make all the images in your gallery the same size. Check this to crop the image around its focal point to fill the center panel.
  • Product List Title Size  
  • Product Title Color  
  • Product Price Color  
  • Product Size Color  
  • Product Item Single Image Fill  - Appears if a product item page has only one image. Product Image crops around its focal point to fit the center panel. 
  • Product Item Image Margin  
  • Hide Product Share Button  


These tweaks appear on Index Pages.

  • Index Background Color  
  • Index List Title Style: Overlay, Color Overlay, Under, Always Show
  • Index List Font Size  
  • Index Column Width  
  • Index Gutter  
  • Index Aspect Ratio 
  • Index Item Color  
  • Index Title Color


These tweaks appear on Gallery Pages.

  • Gallery Single Image Fill - Appears if a Gallery Page has only one image. Product Images crop around their focal point to fit the center panel.
  • Gallery Image Margin  


These tweaks appear on Blog Pages.

  • Blog Post Border  
  • Hide Blog Author  


These tweaks appear on Events Pages.

  • Disable Item Pages
  • Show past Events  
  • Show Thumbnails
  • Thumbnail Size
  • Show Date Tag
  • Show Date Tag w/ Time  
  • Show Categories  
  • Show Date  
  • Show Time  
  • Show Location  
  • Show Export Links
  • Show Social Buttons  
  • Show Excerpt
  • Show Button  
  • Show Back Link
  • 24-Hour Time  
  • Stacked View

Album Options

These tweaks appear on Album Pages.

  • Album Text Color  
  • Hide Album Share Link  

Cover Pages

Cover Pages are styled independently of a site’s template. Visit Styling a Cover Page to learn more.

Block tweaks

Tweaks for certain blocks also display in Site Styles. To learn more about available style changes, visit About blocks to find help content for your specific block.

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Supply Site Styles tweaks