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Hudson Blog Pages

This page walks you through using Blog Pages in Hudson. For more information on Blog Pages, see Blogging with Squarespace.


By default, each blog post in Hudson follows this order:

Above the post:

  • Post title
  • Date

Below the post:

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Comment link, share button, and like button

Blog sidebar

The sidebar is hidden by default.

To show the sidebar, change the Blog Width tweak to Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar.

A Blog Sidebar Width tweak appears. Use this to edit the width of the sidebar.

To learn how to edit the sidebar, visit Editing sidebars.

Promoted blocks

Promoted Blocks display at a wider width below the post title and date. If a Gallery Block, Image Block, or Video Block is the first block in a blog post, it will display as a Promoted Block.


Blog excerpts display with Read More links leading to the full posts. Promoted Blocks display in excerpts.

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