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Momentum Gallery Pages

Momentum's Gallery Page creates a slideshow of images and videos. It's a great option for photographers or designers who want to showcase their work in high-resolution, full-bleed images.

Note: To set up your gallery and add images, visit Using Gallery Pages. The Gallery Page makes a great homepage.

Image size

Use the Gallery Style tweak to choose how your images display:

  • Gallery Style: Full Bleed - The images fill the height and width of the browser. They may experience some cropping, based on the shape of the browser and your images.
  • Gallery Style: Center - The images display in the center, uncropped. The Site Background Color displays on the rest of the page.

Thumbnail grid

A grid icon appears in the bottom-right corner when you’re viewing a gallery. Click this image to reveal the gallery's thumbnail images in a grid. Click any thumbnail to go to that image in the slideshow.

  • To set the shape of the thumbnails, use the Index Aspect Ratio tweak. You can set them to 1:1 (square) or 4:3 (landscape), or choose Auto to display them at their original shape.
  • To hide the grid icon, so visitors can't access the thumbnail grid, uncheck Gallery Index Icon.
Note: The navigation bar always displays above the thumbnail grid.


Use the arrows on the left and right to move through the slideshow. Use these tweaks to style the arrows:

  • Set the color with the Gallery Icon Color and Gallery Icon (Hover) Color tweaks.
  • Choose the style with the Gallery Arrows tweak (simple, circle).
  • The color of the arrow will automatically change from white to black. This auto-detect feature is based on the overall darkness or brightness of the image, not the lightness or darkness of the area around the elements.

Choose how the images transition with the Gallery Transition tweak. The images can either Slide in from the right, or Fade in.

To set the slideshow to move through the images automatically, check Gallery Auto Play.

  • Use the Gallery Play Speed to choose how quickly the images transition.
  • When the slideshow reaches the final image in the gallery, it loops back to the first image.
  • The slideshow pauses on hover.
Note: On mobile, the navigation arrow disappears after the first slide.


When an image has a title or description, an info icon displays in the top-right. Click the info icon to go into info view.

In info view, images with captions display on the left, and the image title and descriptions display on the right. Use the arrows to navigate through the slides in this view. Gallery autoplay works in info view.

Click the info icon to go back to slideshow view.


Momentum's Index is a great way to combine galleries. After adding multiple galleries to an Index, the images transition seamlessly from one gallery to the next as you move through the slideshow, and the galleries stack vertically in the thumbnail grid view.

To add an Index:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the + icon and select Index.
  3. Click the Index's + icon to create a new gallery, or drag existing galleries into the Index.

For detailed steps, visit Using the Index Page. Momentum's Index only supports Gallery Pages.

When you click the thumbnail navigation grid in the bottom-right corner, each gallery shows its page title and description next to the grid of thumbnail images.

  • The page title follows the Heading 2 tweaks.
  • The description text follows the Body Text and Body Link tweaks.

To use different text for search results, add an SEO title and description.

Initial view

Use the Gallery Initial View tweak to set the view that visitors see when they first land on a gallery or Index.

  • Slideshow - All galleries and Indexes load in slideshow mode.
  • Grid - All galleries and Indexes load with the thumbnail grid open.
  • Infoview -  All galleries and Indexes load in info view.
  • Slideshow (Homepage) / Grid - The gallery or Index set as the homepage loads in slideshow mode. All other pages load with the thumbnail grid open.
  • Slideshow (Homepage) / Infoview - The gallery or Index set as the homepage loads in slideshow mode. All other pages load in info view.

Navigation links

When you add galleries to an Index, the Index Page is the only link that appears in the navigation.

Galleries outside an Index have their own links.


  • Slideshow view, info view, and the thumbnail grid are all supported on mobile.
  • In info view, the captions slide up from the bottom.

Other features

Note: To create different gallery layouts, create a Layout Page and modify it with a Gallery Block.

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