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Using the Hudson template (discontinued)

Note: This template is discontinued and can no longer be installed.

Hudson is the child template of Montauk with all the same features: a beautiful blog a sidebar and a clean portfolio built to handle lots of work, all lined up in an open, airy grid.

This guide will walk you through customizing your site using Hudson. This page describes the special features of this template. The links at the bottom of this page will bring you to more guides for Hudson.

To learn how to use the special features described below, see the Structure and Style page of this guide.

Header subtitles

A header subtitle displays above the site title. By default, the header subtitle includes your address and phone number as listed in the Physical Location section of Business Information Settings.

You can hide the subtitle or set it to display your tag line or custom content.

Page banner and page title

When a page has a thumbnail, it displays as a banner below the navigation.

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Using the Hudson template (discontinued)