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Avenue troubleshooting

This guide reviews common issues that may come up when using the Avenue template.

My background image isn't fixed on mobile

Many mobile browsers, including IOS, don't support fixed background images. To achieve a similar effect, experiment with the Size: Cover and Size: Contain background image style options. Note that background image style settings apply to both mobile and desktop.

For more help, visit our responsive design troubleshooting tips.

My logo is the wrong size on mobile

To set the size of your logo on mobile:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Site Styles.
  2. Scroll to the Sizes & Values section.
  3. Use the Mobile Logo Size tweak to set the size.

Where did my per-page header or footer content go?

In Avenue, you can set page-specific headers and footers. When you open a Regular Page or Gallery Page within an Index, these page-specific headers and footers don't display. When you view the page outside the Index, the headers and footers display. 

Notice the difference in the URL in this example:

My Gallery is stacking vertically instead of a slideshow

When a Gallery Page is viewed in an Index Page on an Avenue site, it displays in stacked view instead of slideshow view.

For tips on different ways to display Index content, visit the Creating an Index Page with blocks section of the Avenue Index Pages guide.

I want my Gallery Page to display in a different format

When opened from an Index, the Gallery Page in Avenue displays images or videos in a stacked format. When not in an Index, the Gallery Page displays as a slideshow.

You can create a different gallery layout by adding Gallery Blocks to a Regular Page:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the + icon next to Not Linked and then click Page
  3. Hover over the page content. When the Page Content annotation appears, click Edit. (Note: Be careful not to open the page header or footer, as content added to these areas won't display when the page is opened from an Index.)
  4. Click an Insert Point and add a Gallery Block.
  5. Connect the Gallery Block to your Gallery Page.
  6. In the Pages panel, move the page where you'd like it. If you add it to the Index Page, be sure to add a thumbnail image.

The gallery on this page will always display in the format you've chosen, even when opened through an Index.

For more help, visit Gallery Blocks vs. Gallery Pages.



The Gallery Page in my Index isn't stacking vertically

Galleries opened from an Index display in stacked view instead of slideshow view. They won't display this special formatting under either of these circumstances:

  • If a visitor goes to the direct URL for the page, rather than opening it through the Index Page.
  • If the Gallery Page has a password. You can remove page passwords by following these steps.

When I click an Index thumbnail, the page opens but no content displays

This can happen with Regular Pages when the content is in a page-specific header or footer, rather than part of the main page content. Per-page headers and footers will not appear on Regular Pages or Gallery Pages when opened from an Index Page.

To resolve this:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Click and drag the page out of your Index.
  3. Hover over the page content below the site header or above the footer. When the Header Content or Footer Content annotation appears, click Edit.
  4. If the content you want to display is in the header or footer, recreate it in the main page area (between the page header and footer). Then delete it from the header or footer.
  5. In the Pages panel, move the page back into the Index.

I hear my Index Page's audio or video clip when I'm on a different page

If you add an Audio Block or Video Block in the page-specific header of an Index Page, it displays above the thumbnail images. When a visitor plays the file, the audio will continue to play even when the visitor clicks the thumbnails to visit the pages within the Index.

This is part of the template’s design. If you don't want audio to play this way, delete the Audio Block or Video Block or replace it with different content.

My Index Page thumbnails aren't loading

An Index thumbnail may not load if the image size is too big. Also, an Index Page's thumbnails load sequentially. If one thumbnail can't load, the other thumbnails after it also won't load. 

If one or more of your thumbnails aren't loading, check the first blank image's size and ensure that it's less than 2500 pixels along its longest edge. To change the image size, edit the image using third-party software, then re-upload it. 

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