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Editing your site description

You can add a site description to provide a short bio or description of your site. The site description displays in the Aviator, Aubrey, Five, and Native templates.

Note: To edit the description that appears in search engine results, use the Search Engine Description text in the SEO panel. The site description in this guide isn't what displays in search results.

Step 1 - Go to Basic Information Settings

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Basic Information.

Step 2 - Edit the site description

In the Site Description box, enter a description for your site. Use the format buttons above the box to bold or italicize text, or to add a link. Click Save.

Site description display

Here's how the appearance of the site description varies by template. Templates are grouped by family.

  • Five - Displays in Sidebar 1 when the Site Description in Sidebar tweak is checked.
  • Native - Displays in the header above the Main Navigation.
  • Aviator, Aubrey - Displays on the Info Page when Freeform Text on Info Page is unchecked.

Here's how it might look in Aviator:

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