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Supply Gallery Pages

The Gallery Page in Supply displays the page title and description on the right. Gallery images stack between the navigation sidebar and page title at a fixed width.

Note: To set up your Gallery Page and images, visit Using the Gallery Page.



Gallery images stack to the left of the page title at a fixed width. The images scroll vertically.

  • Use the Gallery Image Margin tweak in the Gallery section of Site Styles to adjust the space around the left, bottom, and top of the gallery images.
  • If a Gallery Page has only one image, the Gallery Single Image Fill tweak appears in Site Styles. Product Images crop around their focal point to fit their aspect ratio.
  • Image captions display on hover.

Page title and description

The page title and description displays on the right over the background color.

  • The position is fixed, which means they stay in the same position as you scroll down the page. However, if the page title and description are taller than the browser window, they’ll scroll with the page.
  • The Site Vertical Alignment tweak in the Site Wide section affects where the page title and description display. Choose Top to align it at the top, or Middle to display it centered.


Image captions

On hover, a + button appears over images that have an image title or description. Click the button to display the image information as an overlay. The + button becomes an x, which hides the image overlay when clicked. 

Video captions don't display in Supply.

Clickthrough URLs

Clickthrough URLs appear in the image description overlay as a text link to the URL.


On mobile, the page title and description displays at the top. The page title and description displays at the top. Image captions display below their images.


Other features

Tip: To create different gallery layouts, create a Layout Page and modify it with a Gallery Block.

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