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Supply Blog Pages

Supply's Blog Page displays as a list of vertically-stacked posts. Clicking a post title opens the full post at its own URL.

Note: To set up your Blog Page and posts, visit Blogging with Squarespace


On the blog landing page:

  • Categories display above the post title. The author name and date display below it.
  • The source URL, tags, and the comment, Share, and like buttons display below the post content.
  • The Blog Page thumbnail creates a vertical banner image. Post thumbnails don't display.
  • Add or remove a border line between each post with the Blog Post Border tweak.
  • To hide the post author for all posts, check Hide Blog Author.

On individual blog posts, the layout is the same, except:

  • Navigation for previous and next posts displays below the comments. 
  • The post thumbnail creates the vertical banner image. If there isn't a post thumbnail, no banner appears.

Here's an example post on the blog landing page:



Excerpts display with a Read More link. 



On mobile devices and narrow browsers, content stacks vertically.


Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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